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President Maduro approves 40.800 loans for entrepreneurial youth

The head of state announced new benefits for recreation, education and tourism for Venezuelan youth.

President Nicolás Maduro announced that within the framework of some benefits that have been prepared for youth, the delivery of credits to young entrepreneurs was approved, in order to motivate the growth of the national economy with the support of youth.

“The Bank of Venezuela must proceed today to deliver 40.800 new loans to the country's entrepreneurial youth... so that this money will multiply in economic activity. "Youth are pushed forward, enterprising, well paid," said the head of state during the meeting with students in the Bicentennial Plaza of the Miraflores Palace.

He added that this support provided by the government, “is the most beautiful thing we can do, democratize credits so that entrepreneurial youth can multiply their work capacity.”

In addition to these credits, the president approved the call for the Student Youth Festival of muralism and photography with artistic and communicational expressions of young people from communities, high schools and universities.

He approved that next June 1, creative camps will begin nationwide with content creator students and volunteering from the Great Young Venezuela Mission.

Likewise, he instructed the preparation of the Super Mostacho Fest Bachiller in the 23 states of the country and the Capital District, the organization of the national video game tournament Arena Gamer to stimulate the talent of young people in virtual sports and the activation of the JuvenTour program in order to promote social and student tourism, as well as hiking and camping practices.

He also instructed to advance in the adaptation of the Bolivarian Centers for Computing and Telematics (CBIT) so that they are spaces for the expansion of knowledge, approved the holding of the Hackathon Venezuela, an initiative that includes the celebration of Robotics Olympics and the search for efficient and efficient solutions. innovative solutions to critical nodes linked to energy.

“We do respond to the youth, we do listen to the youth, we are connected to the hope, the heart, the creativity and the love of the youth for Venezuela,” stressed the head of state.

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