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President Arce appoints new high military command in Bolivia

Military men under the command of General Zúñiga violently took over Plaza Murillo. Gen. José Luis Sánchez, new head of the Army, ordered the withdrawal

El president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Luis Arce, appointed new commanders of the Bolivian Army this Wednesday at the Executive headquarters in the midst of a military movement that he described as "coup" by Juan José Zúñiga, who until today was the general commander.

Gen. José Luis Sánchez, new commander of the Army, after being sworn in, ordered the uniformed men who took over Plaza Murillo to return to their barracks.

"It is a special situation because no one wants the image that we are seeing in the streets, which is why now, in my capacity as Commander General of the Army and on behalf of the three force commanders, I ask, order and arrange that all personnel mobilized in The streets must return to their units,” the new commander ordered.

Along with Sánchez, the commander of the Air Force, Gerardo Zabala, and of the Navy, Wilson Guardia, were installed, reports the Bolivian Information Agency.

On the other hand, President Arce assured that the Government will respect democracy and greeted the population who moved to the vicinity of Plaza Murillo.

He also thanked the statements of international organizations and friendly countries in defense of democracy and against the military action experienced in the city of La Paz, headquarters of the Executive and Legislative bodies.

“We will respect the democracy won with the vote of the Bolivian people at the polls. We salute the Bolivian people who, upon learning of these events, are surrounding Plaza Murillo, and the international organizations that have reproached these acts, and the friendly countries that have spoken out in favor of democracy,” he stated at the event.

Arce, along with his ministerial cabinet, remained in Casa Grande del Pueblo during the more than two hours of this coup attempt.

During the inauguration ceremony of the High Command of the Armed Forces, he deplored the “attitudes of bad soldiers who unfortunately repeat history by trying to carry out a coup d'état when the Bolivian people have been democratic people.”

Around 14:30 p.m. this Wednesday, soldiers with their faces covered and armed stormed Plaza Murillo on motorcycles. Behind them came a military contingent with an armored tank, where was the Army General, Juan José Zúñiga, who this Tuesday was involved in a wave of questions for his controversial statements about the candidacy of Evo Morales.

In the midst of the uncertainty and after the military surrounded the square and evicted the people, the Minister of Government, Eduardo de Castillo, appeared, who arrived at the armored vehicle, which was at the doors of the Quemado Palace, reports Unitel.bo.

“General, come down! “Demobilize now!” Del Castillo shouted as he banged on the vehicle window.

Meanwhile, one of the corners was gassed by the police to try to evict the soldiers. Civilians also arrived at the scene and confronted the military guard.

After pushing the main door with the tank. Around 16:00 p.m., around 30 soldiers forcibly entered the Palacio Quemado with Zúñiga. They only took a few minutes to go out onto the street again.

After 16:00 p.m., a video circulated, where you can see the President Arce Catacora in the entrance hall to the Palace. The president accompanied by the ministers and standing in front of Zúñiga and the military, complained to him.

“You respect the military command, withdraw all these forces at this moment,” Arce exclaimed angrily in the Palace hallway.

After a few seconds, Zúñiga left the hallway of the Palacio Quemado and went out into the street, where the tank was waiting. After getting into the vehicle he left the place, but the soldiers stayed.

At 14:57 p.m., the Bolivian president published a complaint on social networks for “irregular mobilizations of some units of the Bolivian Army” and demanding respect for democracy.

Meanwhile, the Minister of the Presidency, María Nela Prada, denounced an attempted military coup in the country.

International repudiation

La international community This Wednesday, he condemned the alleged coup d'état by “some military units” of the Army against the Government of Bolivia headed by President Luis Arce.

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