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They motivate young people to choose scientific-productive careers

The intention is to advance successfully within and outside Venezuelan borders

With the aim of strengthening national production in Venezuela, the Bolivarian Government strives to cultivate in young people, who will soon go to university, an interest in science, especially those that contribute to strengthening productive capacities in Venezuela.

The Regional Study Opportunities Fair 2024, which takes place in the spaces of the Jorge Luis García Carneiro Stadium in the state of La Guaira, is part of this intention and also seeks to guide young people about academic offers.

Likewise, this activity, which began on Thursday, June 6 and ends this Friday, June 7, brings together more than 15 universities as well as public and private companies, who offer their training programs to young people from some 13 educational institutions in the region.

For a prosperous future

During the inauguration of the event, the sectoral vice president of Science, Technology, Education and Health, Gabriela Jiménez Ramírez, expressed that in the state there are more than 4 young people who will receive their high school degrees.

In that sense, he pointed out that the Bolivarian Government made 94 universities available nationwide for new high school graduates to develop their professional path. At the same time, the state of La Guaira has 17 universities to provide care to young people.

On the other hand, Jiménez highlighted that the university courses offered at the Fair are also designed so that Venezuela has a good image in the international arena and can effectively offer products, goods and services. “The idea is not that we become even more capable at home, but also abroad.”

He additionally noted that education is the main thing to guarantee the future prosperity of Venezuela. "President Nicolás Maduro invites us to build a life project linked to education, to knowledge, to all science, basic, natural, social, to the people, to applying ingenuity," he pointed out. 

Likewise, the Minister of Popular Power for Science and Technology, also said during her speech that the young people in question were trained to stay in Venezuela and improve the conditions of the country through learning.

"We are going to build the transformation of the country from science, from engineering, from society, from the community, from fishing, from tourism... You were formed to stay in Venezuela and to give birth to virtues, strengths and hopes in your country." land of origin. “I invite you to study and build a new future for the Homeland.”

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