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Merideños enjoy snowfall this July 5

The natural phenomenon was observed in several of the peaks that make up the Sierra Nevada National Park.

After an early morning of intense rain, nature gave the people of Meride and visitors a snowfall on several of the peaks that make up the Sierra Nevada National Park this July 5, the national day.

On social networks and WhatsApp statuses from Merida they show the majesty of the snowy peaks, a natural phenomenon that never ceases to surprise anyone who can contemplate it.

Although you can only observe this spectacle from the city of Mérida, the Mukumbari Cable Car System is open to reach the last of its five stations and live this unique experience from the Venezuelan Andes.

In this sense, the regional director of Ecosocialism, Toro Belisario reported “we are in the snowfall period until the end of the month, we hope that on July 16 the Virgen del Carmen snowfall will occur and then the snowfall season is for the end of September and beginning of October.”

He specified that within the Andean Mountain Range, this snowfall on July 5 covered the highest peaks, Bolívar, Toro, León, Bonpland and Espejo.

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