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More than 250 Venezuelan poets present at the 18th edition of the Poetry Festival

The event will take place from July 8 to 13 in 20 states of the country under the motto "This, word, you are"

More than 250 Venezuelan poets will participate in the XVIII Venezuelan Poetry Festival, an event that will take place from July 8 to 13 and will feature the participation of more than 30 guest poets from 4 continents: America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

The Festival will be held throughout the national territory and poet honored is Leonardo Gustavo Ruiz, who has ventured into all literary genres, “but above all he has built a solid work in poetry and essays,” according to what he says on the Instagram social network @festivaldepoesiavzla.

The sector vice president of communication, culture and tourism, Freddy Ñañez, in statements offered at a press conference held this Thursday, highlighted that “poetry is permanently accompanying us, in moments of resistance but also in moments of offensive, it possessed “It is always in a combat position and it is always in a position of reconciliation.”

Ñañez added that: “There is a stellar moment in national culture and poetry that is at the same time lyrics and song, which is at the same time thought and affection, add to this cultural renaissance and contribute their grain of sand.”

Ruíz: A Pride and a challenge

The poet Leonardo Gustavo Ruíz has participated in international events and his work has been translated into Arabic, Greek, German and Portuguese. In addition, he is a visual artist, which is why part of his works will also be exhibited in a space called “The other pencil of Leonardo Ruíz.”

During the press conference, the poet said he took on the challenge with great pride and with a very particular honor. “Here are all those honorees of great height and great depth in the work of Venezuelan poetry, the expectation of being by the side and accompanying and being accompanied by those who come from all continents to offer their word to a country so attacked by the enemies of the word, by the enemy empires of the word and poetry. These attacks are becoming more criminal and more reprehensible every day,” he said.

This, word, you are

“This, word, you are” is the motto of the XVIII Venezuelan Poetry Festival and among the invited international poets are: Gabriel Chávez Casazola (Bolivia), Karla Jazmín Arango (Colombia), Leandro Frigoli (Argentina), Lubi Prates (Brazil) , Margaret Randall (United States), Freddy Yezzed (Colombia), among others.

The Festival programming will be detailed on the social media accounts X and Instagram, as well as on the website, festivaldepoesíavzla.

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