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Mar de pueblo accompanied Maduro in the Sotillo municipality

He invited the people to participate massively in this Sunday's drill, which will serve as "training" for July 28.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, confirmed the commitment of the Anzoatiguense people of the Juan Antonio Sotillo municipality, where he called on the people of that town to prepare the 1x10x7, facing the perfect victory on July 28.

“I am certain, I see it in the streets, in the polls, I see it everywhere: We are winning and winning well, so we must prepare the 1x10x7,” he said before a massive gathering of people who filled the streets of Sotillo.

“I came to tell them that I am full of the energy of the country. I bring the energy and blessings of the people. I bring the sling of David against Goliath, Goliath will not be able to against us,” the president assured before a crowd that chanted his name and sang songs alluding to the electoral issue.

The town showed its commitment to the 1x10x7 for the drill. Presidential Press Photo

The president reminded the inhabitants of Sotillo that the hardships that the Venezuelan people have gone through have been caused by extremist sectors that asked for sanctions, and that today are shamelessly seeking for the people to give them their vote.

“The surnames, the fascists, the patarucos (they asked for sanctions)…” and asked “Who was at your side during the economic war? Who faced the economic war and managed to supply Venezuela with production? Who defeated the dollar today? Who was with you when the covid pandemic arrived?”, to which the people responded repeatedly: Maduro.

On the other hand, the head of state invited people to actively participate in this Sunday's drill. “Tomorrow is the drill. That's going to turn out beautifully, because it's the training. And I tell them: I am certain, I see it in the streets, I see it in the polls, I see it everywhere: we are winning, and winning well. So we must prepare the 1x10x7, for July 28, when that beautiful dawn arrives, go out as an army of liberators to protect Venezuela from the demons and demons of imperialism,” he stated.

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