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Ripe on the banks of the Mánamo

The president received the people of Delta with hugs and was very excited without much protocol

As soon as he set foot on Delta land, this Tuesday afternoon, President Nicolás Maduro got into the Tiuna to greet the people of Tucupita, the capital of Delta Amacuro, who were waiting for him on San Rafael Street.

The tour was along the left bank of Caño Mánamo, the largest freshwater stream in the Orinoco Delta.

The first to greet Maduro did so by motioning for him to stop the car so they could hand him folders, letters and pieces of paper. “I hadn't seen it up close,” commented a teenager who was running alongside Tiuna with other neighbors.

The caravan advanced and slowed down when they were in the middle of the road where the crowd was extending their hands to the President who was wearing a moriche hat that Governor Lizeta Hernández gave him upon his arrival.

A group of indigenous people with their clothing and instruments typical of their culture crossed the road to entertain with their music. Maduro got so excited that he grabbed a Warao child and put him in the car. From side to side people shouted “Maduro, go pa'ca”, “Maduro here we are”.

After the tumult that stopped the Tiuna, the caravan continued along the bank of the Mánamo and a group of indigenous people from their curiaras greeted it.

Already deep in the center of Tucupita, neighbors looked out of the doors and windows to take a photo of the President who decided to stay in Tiuna until he reached the central event where he inaugurated the headquarters of the National University of Security (Unes) and the National University. Experimental Polytechnic of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Unefa).

The latter completed 25 years during which it has graduated 183 thousand professionals, 2 thousand of them in Delta Amacuro, according to the figures disclosed at the event. This Tucupita nucleus that Maduro launched has capacity for 500 students who will study three engineering degrees (civil, gas and systems) and three TSU. The headquarters has 10 classrooms and six laboratories, according to what they told Maduro during the inauguration ceremony.

On the street where Unes and Unefa are, one next to the other, a group of neighbors ran to greet the President who hurried with them without much protocol. "Let's go; Long live the people of Venezuela,” he said to say goodbye to the neighbors.

But before fully entering the inaugural event, Maduro danced with the indigenous people who were waiting for him in the lobby of the educational institution.

When Maduro was passing through some classrooms, he euphorically told the students that “don't let fascism and the right take away your future.” In one of those classrooms he took the opportunity to call his wife Cilia Flores, the first combatant, who also wore a moriche hat. “Tell me the truth: is she or is she not pretty, Cilita,” he asked the students who gave the couple a round of applause.

The first thing Maduro did when starting the formal ceremony was to criticize the highway that borders the Caño Manamo. “I saw that it is quite deteriorated,” he told the Minister of the Office. “I want immediate results,” he ordered.

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