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Maduro instructs the construction of a tourist route in the native neighborhood of Alí Primera

During a visit to the Alí Primera House Museum, in Paraguaná, the president valued the life and legacy of the town's singer

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, visited this Tuesday the Alí Primera House Museum, in the Los Taques municipality, Falcón state, a tourist and historical site that exhibits material bequeathed by the town's singer, as well as different anecdotes and part of the history of the emblematic Venezuelan artist.

The president shared with family and friends of the legendary singer-songwriter and toured the spaces of the venue, where he appreciated collection pieces, historical records and manuscripts of Alí Primera, which are part of the heritage of the history of Paraguaná and the work of the musician and composer.

The president told an unpublished anecdote about his experience with the singing of Alí Primera, which he could not listen to again since the moment of his death. “Since February 16, 1985 (the date of the accident that claimed the singer's life), I could not play an Alí album again… I could not bear the sadness. In a country governed by such bad people, that fourth republic… how many times did they try to kill Ali… He kept our hope and our dream, he taught us to love Bolívar through music,” he said.

Cultural groups accompanied the president's visit. Presidential Press Photo

He continued by commenting that he could not “hear (anything from Ali) again, I tell it and I shudder… and the years and the struggles passed, and February 27 came, and a night of a day came, a historical event that changed everything : February 4, 1992... and from that moment, at a friend's house where I met, I listened to Ali again, and I didn't stop crying and crying: Sangueo para el Regreso.

“And from that day on, in a magical way, I listened to Alí Primera again and I never cried again. I didn't know who Chávez was, but I felt that Ali's prophecy was fulfilled. Bolívar and Bolivarian sentiment returned,” he said moved.

The president delivered a batch of musical instruments to the Alí Primera House Museum, where a music school also operates that serves dozens of children from that community and educates them in Venezuelan folklore and the history of Alí Primera.

The president shared the music of the People's Singer in the company of the Cunaviche Group and the performances of the Paraguaná Children's Singers, whom he congratulated for their performances.

Reconstruction of the neighborhood as a national tourist route

The president issued the instruction that “this museum has more space, is bigger, has a radio station, a recording studio. I want that work in record time.” He also instructed that the Bricomiles repair the Alí Primera school and deliver it “brand new.”

He recalled the experience of San Agustín, in Caracas, where the El Afinque de Marín neighborhood was renovated in honor of the Madera Group, and is now a tourist route in the capital.

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