Maduro: the first Communal City will be created in Waraira Repano

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced this Wednesday that once the Law of Communal Cities is approved in the National Assembly (AN), in Waraira Repano the first Communal City.

He assured that the People's Power of the country has managed to seize the democratic Revolution to produce in favor of the population, “the democratic Revolution that has given power to the people,” he said during a productive activity in Caracas, accompanied by the communal councils.

The information was released during an activity that took place in the spaces of the Waraira Repano National Park, in order to celebrate 9 years of the Timón Coup, when President Chávez raised the need to deepen the great transformations contemplated in the Plan of the Homeland and support the People's Power.

During the activity, the head of state announced that the Milestone of 49 thousand Communal Councils had been reached, “in Venezuela there is a democratic Revolution that has handed power over to the people. Commander Chávez's main dream was for all the Communes to be productive and we are living that today, "he said.

With the Law of Communal Cities that is being debated in the National Assembly (AN), 309 Communal Cities will be decreed throughout the country, said the head of state.

«I dream that the people of Venezuela are organized into their communal council, self-government, communal banks, parliament and all the self-management that is necessary. My dream is to reach 10 communes, "he said.

The President detailed that there are 3 thousand 491 organized communes, "which have fulfilled the requirements for their constitution, of which 2 thousand 620, which represents 65% of the communes, have instances of self-government and communal parliament."

He emphasized that the country's communes are currently in a growth and strengthening phase on a national scale, while pointing out that there are 309 communal cities in the analysis phase for their construction, “and they will be formed in accordance with the Law, and it is the grouping of various communal councils and communes ”.

In this regard, the Head of State pointed out that with the formation of the 309 communal cities, 16 communal councils and 395 communes are grouped in a first phase.

He indicated that thanks to the organization of the communal cities, the formation of 4 million 579 thousand 664 new community members is expected, “organized and we can say that we are closer to a powerful, socialist country, where living living reigns, the State of social welfare and maximum social happiness ”.



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