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Maduro: We advance in the recovery of social rights

The Head of State specified that progress is being made in the generation of resources which will be allocated to the social sector.

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, through his account on the social network

“We are advancing with our own efforts to generate the necessary wealth and invest, through the new generation Great Missions, in the recovery of social rights. We continue to unify forces, calling on honest people, based on the Venezuelan affirmation. We must believe in our strength! "What's coming is better!" said the Head of State.

It should be remembered that 3 new generation Great Missions are: Great Hugo Chávez Mission aimed at social equality, the Great Science, Technology and Innovation Mission, and the Great Pachamama Mission, the latter to address the effects of the climate crisis on the nation.

The social rights addressed by the Great Missions created throughout the Bolivarian revolution include food, housing, education, health, social security, work, among others.

Faith in Productive Councils

In another message, the President refers to the Productive Council of Workers, indicating that he has a lot of faith in them, "who must continue advancing and fighting."

He added that "if they close the door, they get in through the window, but all the power to the working class and the democratic, participatory, scientific, honest and open-door CPTT."

The Productive Councils are made up of those who work in public, private, mixed and communal entities, whose purpose is to promote, evaluate and control the processes of production, supply, marketing and distribution of goods and services to satisfy the needs of the People.

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