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424 Russian tourists arrived on Margarita Island

The Minister of Popular Power for Tourism, Alí ​​Padrón, announced that 424 tourists from Russia arrived in the country to enjoy the benefits of Margarita Island in Nueva Esparta state.

“Excellent news for #MotorTurismo! Russian tourists continue to arrive to the island of Margarita, adding 424 visitors who will enjoy the benefits of the Pearl of the Caribbean and our Nation. We are winning!” he said in a post posted on Twitter.

Through a video he showed the arrival of tourists to the Island to enjoy a few days of vacation.

In another publication, the minister recalled that, "every #10Jan we celebrate World Bird Day to promote awareness about caring for the environment and natural spaces where birds live. #ImportantFact In Venezuela there are 1418 species and of them 48 are endemic”.