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Bicentennial school brigades sworn in in Monagas

400 students from different institutions in Monagas were sworn in as brigadistas

This Thursday, May 25, from the facilities of the historic Miguel José Sanz National High School in the city of Maturín in the state of Monagas, the bicentennial school brigades of the eastern entity were sworn in, the second in the country after the state of Mérida.

The act was attended by the Vice Minister of Popular Power for Education, Vicente Carvajal, together with the authorities of the Educational Zone, teachers, representatives, high school students and the people in general.

Carvajal reported that 400 students from different institutions are sworn in as school bicentennial brigades.

"From the Ministry of Popular Power for Education (...) Minister Yelitza Santaella has directed strengthening the school organization that plays a role towards national identity," said Carvajal.

Objective of the bicentennial brigades

Carvajal explained that these brigades have the objective of promoting the Venezuelan, institutional and local historical culture.

At the same time, he stated that the idea is to preserve, discuss and disseminate the historical events of the nation.

He emphasized that the purpose of this meeting is to maintain the historical legacy of the nation over time and delve into the events that led to the independence of Venezuela.

sworn brigade members

Manuel Jiménez, a fourth-year student, said that this day opens a door to the historical process of Venezuela, sworn in the transformation of a new beginning in history.

“Today we feel proud to belong to this bicentennial brigade, from here begins a new methodology to get closer to history”, said the student.

Lucía Pérez, a fifth-year science student, indicated that the brigades will allow students to fall more in love with the historical process of Venezuela.

"Oh! My most heartfelt appreciation to Minister Yelitze Santaella and her train for the initiative of swearing in students for the Venezuelan historical rebirth ”.

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