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Isnotú remembers the 105 years since the death of José Gregorio Hernández

An exhibition exposes the history of the blessed, his father Benigno Hernández and his brother César

Today, June 29, commemorates the 105th anniversary of the accident that took the life of blessed Doctor José Gregorio Hernández and also remembers his graduation as a doctor 136 years ago; That is why the diocese of Trujillo together with the Niño Jesús Sanctuary will carry out a series of religious and cultural events.

The priest José Magdaleno Álvarez, parish priest of Isnotú and rector of the Sanctuary, reported that the activities began this Friday in the small square of the Sanctuary, with the inauguration of the ministry of religious dances Nuestra Señora del Rosario and the concert of typical Andean music by the System National Orchestra Betijoque nucleus, Rafael Rangel municipality.

Today, Saturday, the main day, will be the opening of the exhibition Doctor José Gregorio, his family and Isnotú, documents for history, in the pilgrims' plaza, where they will exhibit pieces located, acquired and researched to be incorporated into the Diocesan Museum. There will be prayers and presentations of typical Andean music.

This exhibition will show texts, photographs, images, posters, minutes, among other original documents referring to the history of Blessed José Gregorio Hernández, his family and his relationship with his hometown of Isnotú.

Among the documents shown is the notebook of the blessed father, Benigno Hernández, from 1862; a photograph of César Hernández (brother of José Gregorio) with his entire family, a photograph of Dr. Hernández published in the magazine El Cojo Ilustrado in 1893; the Baptism Certificate Book Number 2 where a record is shown in which José Gregorio appears sponsoring along with his aunt María Luisa in his hometown; a letter from César Hernández that contains several interesting topics.

The exhibition will be open to the public all weekend and includes the second Book of Government of the parish, which alludes to the battle of Isnotú in 1899, among other historical gems for the enjoyment and knowledge of locals, visitors and devotees.

The historical sample

The Diocesan Museum of Doctor José Gregorio Hernández exhibits and preserves numerous objects related to the life and work of the blessed man, his family and the town where he was born.

Carmen Araujo, director of the Museum, recalled that in October 2022 this space was reopened after the execution of the physical conditioning work and the aesthetic distribution of the pieces belonging to the blessed. She indicated that the documents to be exhibited this weekend arise from a research process carried out by the priest Magdaleno Álvarez, who has been concerned with locating books, with the inhabitants of Isnotú, the life about the work of the blessed and his family. . She added that these activities are organized with commitment, criteria and ensuring the preservation of data and ancient materials. The museum is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

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