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They will install 50.000 optical ports in La Guaira

Within the framework of the Plan 400.000 Optical Ports that will be installed to advance in the modernization of connectivity

The president of Cantv, MG Jesús Aldana, announced the installation of 50.000 optical ports in La Guaira, within the framework of the 400.000 Optical Ports Plan.

The announcement was made at the end of the meeting of the Fifth Cantv Committee of the year 2024, held at the Ministerial House of La Guaira.

He indicated that these will allow progress in modernization and guarantee connectivity to the population.

Governor José Alejandro Terán received the information as good news for the people of Guaire and pointed out that the Litoral has had a response to the requests made by the locals through the 1X10 of Good Government, with an effectiveness of 91%, he indicated.

“Thanks to the entire Cantv team for their tireless work, which is also reflected in the responses to requests through the 1×10 of Good Government,” said Terán.

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