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Two Forensic Medicine headquarters inaugurated in Bolívar 

The offices will have a direct impact on care in the municipalities south of Bolívar

With protocol ceremonies, the new headquarters of the National Service of Scientific and Forensic Medicine (Senamecf) were inaugurated in Tumeremo, Sifontes municipality and in the El Callao municipality of Bolívar state. 

The new spaces, in addition to providing the attention inherent to their specialization, consolidate the national plan for social adaptation in the south of Bolívar and Essequibo in Venezuela, joining more than a dozen national institutions that have been installed in the aforementioned locations.

In the case of Tumeremo, the mayor of the Sifontes municipality, Vicente Rojas, highlighted the importance of consolidating spaces of a social nature that allow a fluid dynamic in the daily activities of the inhabitants.

Rojas pointed out that the new Senamecf headquarters will reduce the time in transporting victims by up to 8 hours, which is why he highlighted the progress in terms of social awareness towards the family in each situation.

“With the installation of this new Senamecf office we are providing our people and the families of each victim with social support, which despite how painful the moment could be, we try through a specialized scientific and technical team to minimize concerns. after the death and the transfer of the victim,” explained Rojas.

Likewise, he highlighted that the activation of this unit will also allow us to clarify, in real time, the different cases where forensic expertise is vital in the development of each reality, such as gender violence, psychological abuse, among others.

“Many cases of domestic violence or abuse have not been reported because the victim did not travel to San Félix, now we can attend to them in real time and resolve them,” commented the Mayor. 

The local authority indicated that the reach of this new headquarters will reach more than 220 thousand inhabitants, which will also be added to that of the Gran Sábana and El Callao municipalities in the south of the Bolívar state, “demonstrating the commitment of President Nicolás Maduro to provide care integral social and quality to each inhabitant.”

The event was headed by the mayor of the Sifontes municipality, Vicente Rojas; the Commander of the ZODI Guayana Esequiba, G/D Rafael Serrano Gotera, the vice minister of the Integrated Penal System, Humberto Ramírez and the national director of Senamecf, Lisseth Moreno.

In Callao

In the facilities of the Juan Germán Roscio hospital in El Callao, the new Senamecf headquarters was installed, which will have a reach range of more than 95 thousand Callao residents, as reported by the vice minister of the Integrated Penal System, Humberto Ramírez, who highlighted the participation of the Venezuelan Mining Corporation in the important materialization of the new headquarters.

Ramírez pointed out that with these two new headquarters, Senamecf will have a presence in 6 municipalities of the entity, while ensuring the guarantee of all services and faithful compliance with each protocol.

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