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HomeHéctor Parra was sentenced for corruption of minors

Héctor Parra was sentenced for corruption of minors

Héctor Parra was sentenced to 10 years in prison for corruption of minors. The Mexican actor was found guilty after the complaint by his youngest daughter, Alexa Parra Hoffman, of alleged sexual abuse and corruption of minors.

In 2019, Alexa Parra Hoffman, daughter of actor and actress Ginny Hoffman, publicly pointed out her father for abusive behavior, reported Milenio.

“We celebrate the sentence handed down today, which sentenced Héctor Parra. This ruling represents progress in the search for justice for Alexa and for all the girls and boys who have suffered sexual violence in their family spaces," said Olivia Rubio, Alexa's defense attorney, in a statement.

"Long way"

The lawyer mentioned that the sentence is not an end point in the process. “There is still a long way to go to achieve comprehensive repair of the damage. We are not alone, they are not alone," the lawyer said, referring to the support they received on social media during the trial.

"This sentence is a recognition of the value and dignity of Alexa and her mother, who suffered from her attacker, her family and some of the media," he added in the text.

Meanwhile, days ago, the actor's eldest daughter, through her Instagram, asked people to gather and march in favor of her father's release, as she assures that "he is just another victim of a system."

Héctor was arrested in June 2021 and, since that year, he has been deprived of his liberty in a jail in Mexico City.


The controversial and controversial case began in 2019, when Ginny Hoffman pointed out that Hector Parra he would have had inappropriate attitudes towards his daughter Alexa.

“It has hurt a lot and I accept it, I have cried a lot, it is a pain that I have never felt, never in my life did I believe that I could experience something like this. I have shown my two daughters Alexa and Daniela that I have been there for them and that I have always respected them," Parra emphasized in an interview with the "De primera mano" program.

It was learned that throughout the legal process, there were multiple versions where they indicated that Ginny Hofmann allegedly manipulated her daughter Alexa to testify against his father. There was also the version of alleged influence peddling and Daniela Parra repeatedly lashed out at actor Sergio Mayer for apparently meddling in the case.

Who is Hector Parra? 

The actor rose to fame in the 90s with iconic melodramas. At the beginning of him he was in several soap operas such as "Scars of the soul" (1986) and "La pícara soñadora" (1991). Also, he participated in different unitaries such as "Woman, real life cases" and "What women keep quiet about."

One of the moments where the actor gained popularity was in 1998, when he played the character of lawyer Juan Manuel Montesinos in the well-known telenovela "The usurper".

He managed to play everything from villains to roles in children's melodramas such as “Luz Clarita” (1996), “Carita de ángel” (2000) and “Cómplices al rescate” (2002) and “Alegrijes y rebujos” (2003).

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