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Government plans to restore passage between Barinas and Táchira in 72 hours

The first stage of the canalization of the Michay River was achieved, in the Antonio José de Sucre municipality

In 72 hours, it is estimated that the passage between the states of Barinas and Táchira can be restored, with the progress of the contingency plan that is applied after the fall of a section of Trunk 005, at the height of the Michay River, municipality of Antonio José de Sucre.

The authorities carried out supervision to verify the progress of the work. 

The commission was headed by the commander of Operation Battle of Santa Inés; GD Lenín Guillermo Herrera Hernández, accompanied by Mayor Salvador Guerrero; the director of the entity of the Ministry of Popular Power of Public Works and head of the General Staff of Infrastructure of the 1×10 of the Good Government, engineer Carlos Blanco; the regional head of the Ministry of Popular Power for Transportation, Jesús Osorio; representatives of the Military Community Brigades and the different infrastructure organizations of the three levels of government.

Herrera Hernández reported that thanks to the coordinated work between the different institutions of the national Government, with the support of the Government of Barinas and the Mayor's Office of Sucre, the first stage of the channeling of the Michay River was successfully completed.

"We managed to channel the Michay River, this will allow us to begin the second phase of compaction and filling, to be able to have the embankment completely conditioned, continue with the work and thus correct the damage to the road," he explained.

He highlighted that, according to estimates and weather conditions, mobilization can be restored in about 72 hours. He highlighted all the work that the work teams are doing and stated that this man-hour effort is an essential measure to guarantee passability in this important binational road artery, which connects various areas, communities and regions, facilitating transportation to these different destinations.

"We are working day and night to restore traffic and return daily and commercial life to those who use this busy area of ​​the Andean Axis of the Barin entity."

They open a pedestrian crossing with the authorities 

As part of the contingency, a pedestrian crossing was opened under the bridge for those people who have an emergency.

With the help of fire brigade and Civil Protection officials, a “trail” was created that is monitored by security agencies to safeguard those who decide to cross under the bridge.

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