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Gil: Guyana-US relationship destabilizes the region

The chancellor questioned the ties that strengthen both countries in terms of security, which is a threat to peace.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yván Gil, reiterated once again his rejection of cooperation between the United States and the government of Guyana in matters of security, which would lead to threats to peace in the region.

This was stated in a post that he accompanied with a video, in which the United States ambassador to Guyana, Nicole Theriot, ratified the Defense alliance with Guyana.

“What is happening in Guyana is a real embarrassment: the surrender of its sovereignty to an insolent ambassador, who instead of attending to the affairs of her exorbitant government, aims to destabilize the Caribbean region, to appropriate our resources, and hand them over to Exxon. Mobil,” the chancellor said in the message.

He added that the President of Guyana Irfaan Ali “recklessly and shamelessly insists on installing US military bases, with the sole purpose of threatening Venezuela, and trying to get rid of his commitments and obligations of the Geneva Agreement to peacefully resolve the controversy over the Guayana Esequiba”.

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