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Viva Venezuela Festival tripled planned participation

600 groups performed in 87 spaces and 65 concerts

The goal was for 214 groups to participate during the 10 days of the Viva Venezuela Festival (in Caracas, La Guaira and Miranda), but the demand from cultists, artists and brotherhoods was such that they exceeded the number: they managed to show their skills and love for our traditions some 600 groups from 23 states in 87 spaces, 353 community presentations and 65 concerts.

And it is no wonder, since the Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas, pointed out in a press conference that more than 516 thousand cultists have been registered in the census alone, among which 80 thousand artistic groups and more than 100 thousand artisans stand out.

This is why the party continues: the Festival will move to the states of Aragua, Carabobo and Cojedes, from June 14 to 23, to show the cultural potential.

“Carabobo with its San Millán drums; Aragua with its coastal drums and all its musicality and heritage practices, such as the Dancing Devils and San Juan Bautista; and Cojedes also with his Diablos and his joropo llanero, will also be hosts of our diversity,” said Villegas.

The organizers of the event also gave their point of view on the first edition of the festival: Luisana Pérez stressed the importance of those 10 days that turned out to be a cultural phenomenon, dedicated to our popular culture; while Benito Irady recognized that this event has the particularity of having a multiethnic and multicultural society.

For his part, Noel Márquez highlighted that thanks to the assemblies held with the cultists, a structure is being consolidated to give continuity to the agreements that have been made with the Ministry of Education, related to cultural Fridays: “The schools will be taken over structural and organized way. The Great Mission Viva Venezuela is not just a stage or a single cultural event, it is a permanent action through the political will expressed by the Ministry of Culture and articulated by the promoting team.”

Ana Cecilia Loyo and Javier Marín spoke about the demonstrations and the projection of traditional groups, while Aracelis García applauded the efforts of the cultural people and the support of the State, in addition to the heartbeat that the Artisan Heart Movement also has, “which is beating strongly and enjoying perfect health.”

Francisco Pacheco said that the success of the festival was due to the achievement of the registration of cultists; Lisbeth Villalba spoke of the great mission they have in the training process and Ignacio Barreto stressed that the spirit and love for the country was strengthened with the festival.

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