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HomeCrimeRelatives of a Venezuelan murdered in the US ask for justice

Relatives of a Venezuelan murdered in the US ask for justice

The victim's family assures that the young woman was not a drug addict and they ask for the truth

The Charlotte Police indicate that they are waiting for the toxicologic results to close the case on the death of María Esperanza Díaz Mendoza, the young Venezuelan who emigrated from Neuquén, Argentina to the United States and who was found in an abandoned house without life.

A few days after the strange death of the Venezuelan, the Charlotte Police report that the investigation is nearing completion, but for the family, there are still many unanswered questions, indicates a report by the Argentine newspaper better informed.

In an interview with the US media outlet Telemundo, the officer in charge of the investigation, Claudio Jiménez, says that they are waiting for the toxicological test to finish the investigation, but that "there is nothing to indicate that the lady died elsewhere and was taken there. Everything indicates that she arrived on her own account and voluntarily to the place where she was found, ”he says.

The Charlotte Police report that they questioned everyone who was with her that night, plus the evidence that was collected at the scene and what could be collected from her body, "everything indicates that there was no situation of force, that it was of an overdose."

However, the family is not satisfied with how the investigation is being carried out.

“We are very afraid that this will end up like this, they say it is an overdose and now, there are no questions, says Livia Díaz, sister of María Esperanza.

“Aren't they going to find out how it got there? With who? The Police do not give more information, I do not know what they are hiding, she was not a drug addict and she did not kill herself, ”says Díaz.

María Esperanza's body remains in a Charlotte funeral home, as they must wait for the results of the toxicology test to be able to repatriate it to Venezuela and finish the investigation.

María Esperanza Díaz Mendoza was found dead in the past April 24 in an abandoned house in Charlotte, United States. Two days before, she had arrived in the North American country from Neuquén, where he lived for three years.

Last week three members of a Venezuelan family were murdered at his residence in Casselberry in Seminole County, Florida in the United States.


  1. It is possible that they do not realize that this girl was killed, that was done by an unfortunate psychopath that abound there, may God take care of the investigative bodies and the murderer

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