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This Friday César Bolívar passed away

The Venezuelan filmmaker, best known for his productions Easter Sunday and Guilty Homicide, died at the age of 79.

This Friday, May 31, the death of filmmaker César Bolívar was announced.

His son, the singer and actor, César Román, was the one who reported the death of the renowned film director on his Instagram account.

“We'll see you there. At the Oscars that always gave us something to talk about. And when you see a very good one that you want to recommend,” says part of the text dedicated by Román to the filmmaker.

Bolívar, best known for his productions Easter Sunday (1982) and Culposo Homicide (1984), died at the age of 79.

The Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas, in his account on the social network #CineVenezuelan, would change plans one day after #CorpusChristi, that being the name and context of one of his great films. The pain is deep among her colleagues in the world of cinema, but she left enough of a mark, disciples and admirers for every Sunday to be a day of resurrection as long as new generations follow her example. Honor and glory to César Bolívar!”

Bolívar, who was born in Caracas on September 4, 1944, leaves a great legacy to the country's audiovisual history.

The director, producer and cameraman also ventured into television, and directed series such as Elciclo de Rómulo Gallegos, Sangre azul, Estefanía y Gómez I and Gómez II, among many others.

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