StartAndean States activate Joint Task Force in light of the rains

Andean States activate Joint Task Force in light of the rains

The governor of the state of Táchira, Freddy Bernal, reported that the entity is already forming the work crews to activate the cleaning of gutters and drainage, added to the acquisition of machinery for timely attention during the application of the security protocols for the season. of rains, within the framework of the Andes 2023 Task Force plan.

He stressed that together with the municipal governments, protection, supervision and monitoring actions are being applied in vulnerable areas to immediately attend to any emergency.

“We are creating doctrine, promoting methods of how to address rain problems. Everything as a team, because the Andes is the territory that is most affected by rainfall, ”he clarified.

The regional president asserted that the state suffers, for natural reasons, from a greater concentration of adverse meteorological factors, hence, in favor of the development of an effective plan, a method could be determined to confront the setbacks of nature that crystallize With the arrival of tropical waves, "we can implement the preventive model and give timely responses with the required speed."

In the case of the state of Táchira, the highest authority thanked the immediate reaction of the national government when damages have been registered in the regional geography during the extended period of rains.

He reiterated the importance of these emergency care plans where what is sought is the protection of the communities that live in the most vulnerable areas.

“We have the capacity to respond with the commitment and political will to protect citizens from climate change,” he pointed out.

Plan with the backing of the national government

Task Force 2023, whose purpose is the application of care plans to face the damage that the rains can cause in various areas of the country, brought together the authorities of three states (Táchira, Mérida and Trujillo) with whom they discussed the measures that should be established for each situation.

The meeting that was held in El Vigía, Mérida state, was attended by the Sectoral Vice President of Public Works, MG Néstor Reverol, the governors of the Táchira, Mérida and Trujillo states, Freddy Bernal, Jehyson Guzmán and Gerardo Márquez respectively, added to it , MG Manuel Castillo Rengifo, Commander of REDI Andes and the Ministers of Ecosocialism (Josué Lorca) and the Minister of Habitat and Housing (Ildemaro Moisés Villarroel).

The Tachirense governor explained that the ideal thing is teamwork where an approach, recommendations and criteria that will benefit these three neighboring states would be generated.  

"First, the prevention work evaluating the indicators of the 64 rainfall indicators located in the 29 municipalities of the Tachirense entity (...) the effect of rainfall allows us early warnings to avoid tragedies (...) the rains are coming, they are coming," he exclaimed.

The president asserted that the premise to avoid any anomaly resulting from the rains is the application of a systematic agenda with security and prevention agencies, in the case of internal and external borders the "dredging of the rivers El Escalante, Río Chiquito, Río La Arenosa is a positive method to prevent overflow in the north, south and border areas of Táchira state”.

Task Force in Trujillo

Governor Gerardo Márquez reported on his account on social networks the vertices that make up this joint action.

“This force has the possibility of managing the machinery and equipment found in the region (Táchira, Mérida and Trujillo), the plan can be applied in any region of the country before the arrival of the rainy season. As a second vertex is the humanitarian task force, which will be in charge of damage assessments, analysis of needs present in the region at the time of an unexpected situation to guarantee comprehensive care in the communities. The third vertex is characterized by the installation of a Technical-Scientific Committee for the Evaluation of the Climate Change Crisis, whose purpose will be to study meteorological phenomena, river sedimentation, in addition to projects linked to the basins and tributaries of the entities Andinas”, he posted on his account on the social network Instagram @gerardomarquez4fpsuv.

Barinas Task Force with more than 2.900 troops

In order to maintain alertness, security and prevention before the arrival of the rainy season and the troughs that will enter the country in the coming days, the Andes 2023 Task Force was activated in the state of Barinas with more than 2 officials.

The commander of the Integral Defense Operational Zone 32-Barinas; G / D José Rafael Serrano Gotera, reported that the main mission is to monitor 24 hours a day to protect the people, with the main intention of preventing, detecting and avoiding major news in the event of any eventuality.

“We are obliged to take care of each other and the people of Barinas. Preventive measures are being taken to be prepared and protect citizens, it is a historic mission that we carry out in defense of our people. Climate change is a reality, we ask the people of Barines to take the necessary measures, especially in risk areas," emphasized Serrano Gotera.

Constant supervision in vulnerable areas

He stated that they will be constantly monitoring the growth of flows and monitoring the municipalities with the greatest impact of flooding.

He stressed that an action plan was designed to deal with emergencies, complying with the instructions of President Nicolás Maduro Moros.

He stressed that the El Niño phenomenon will reach the country this weekend and that according to reports, there will be a first tropical wave that crosses the Caribbean Sea from the Pacific.

Civil Protection maintains alert for troughs in Barinas

The director of Civil Protection of the state of Barinas, Rafael Vásquez, informed that in response to the publications of the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inameh), regarding what can happen with the troughs throughout the national geography, the regional organization maintains an alert before any eventuality due to rain that occurs in the state of Barinas.

He said that the equipment is available in the twelve municipalities, especially in the areas most vulnerable to flooding, such as the Arismendi, Rojas, Sosa, Sucre, Andrés Eloy Blanco and Pedraza municipalities, which are areas surrounded by a large inflow of rivers.

He added that there is a special alert in the Barinas municipality, carrying out supervision in each area, checking the embankments, drains, sewers and canals so that there are no problems or events to regret, especially in what corresponds to the southern area. -low, where the topography of the land unfortunately allows flooding to occur, since the levels of the houses are below the streets and this allows for unexpected consequences due to heavy rains.

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