Guaidó's envoy to Chile resigned because she was never recognized

Guarequena Gutiérrez, who claimed to be Juan Guaidó's "ambassador" in Santiago de Chile, resigned her role as representative of the deputy in that country on May 31, after more than a year of waiting in vain to be recognized by the government of Sebastián Piñera, as she herself declared to the web portal Dynamo.

On the contrary, the former director and Administration and Finance of the National Assembly explains that the refusal of the Chilean executive would lead her to a situation of illegal permanence in that country:

"Since I am not accredited by Chile as an embassy, ​​I must list with the AFP, have an employment relationship, because in order to request the definitive (residence) and stay in Chile, I must comply with labor regulations and do not have them, this worries me in the long term", Gutiérrez told the portal, adding that during her stay she never received pay from Guaidó, which has forced her to borrow money.

Gutiérrez is not the first envoy from Guaidó to leave office. The representative before the government of Iván Duque in Bogotá, Humberto Calderón Berti, who had denounced acts of corruption of several envoys of the deputy of the Popular Will in Colombia, had already done so, and Thamara Sujú, who served as such in the Republic, also left office. Czech.

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