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They carry out 18 works to optimize water systems in Valles del Tuy

They rehabilitate pumping stations, replace old pipes, build new wells and collectors, among other actions

A total of 18 hydraulic works are in full execution in the six municipalities of Valles del Tuy, Miranda state, benefiting more than 18 thousand families with the optimization of drinking water and sanitation systems in this subregion.

Among the works carried out, the rehabilitation of pumping stations, the replacement of old pipes, the construction of new wells and collectors, as well as continuous attention to breakdowns in the network stand out.

Engineer Carlos Mast Yústiz, president of Hidrocapital, said that the 18 hydraulic works in progress are part of a comprehensive investment made by the Bolivarian Government to guarantee access to drinking water and quality sanitation for the people of Tuyero, as well as optimize operation. of the pumping stations.

During a work agenda in the Mirandina subregion, Mast Yústiz evaluated the civil and electromechanical rehabilitation of the TM1 pumping station, in order to improve the capacity of the distribution systems in the Simón Bolívar (Yare) and Independencia (Santa Teresa) municipalities. ).

Together with Mayor Saúl Rafael Yánez, the engineer verified the rehabilitation at the Las Piñas pumping station, located in the San Francisco de Yare parish, which is a strategic system of adduction and distribution of the vital liquid in the Valles del Tuy, since It supplies drinking water to 29.274 inhabitants of 14 sectors of Yare.

Likewise, Mast Yústiz delivered 102 meters of 16-inch pipe to replace a main sewage collector, which has already reached its useful life, in the community of San Antonio de Yare. He will correspond to the spokespersons of the Water Technical Boards together with the Popular Power and officials from the mayor's office of the Simón Bolívar municipality to carry out the work to serve 12 thousand inhabitants. 

Replace old pipes and collectors


Mast Yústiz added that to improve the drinking water service to more than 50 thousand families living in the Los Rosales sector of the Cúa parish, Rafael Urdaneta municipality, Hidrocapital will install 84 meters of 20-inch pipe.

He announced that the Hidrocapital workforce will be deployed, in the coming days, with its team of specialists (technicians and labor personnel), to carry out the work and optimize the water service in this community.

On the other hand, it verified the progress of replacing 350 meters of 42″ concrete pipe for the channeling of rainwater and wastewater in the community of Salamanca in Cúa, Rafael Urdaneta municipality. “Through this work, more than 12 thousand inhabitants will be served,” cited the engineer.

The president of Hidrocapital also supervised the restoration of the Las Lucías pumping station, located in the La Aguada industrial zone of the Paz Castillo municipality. In this way, the water supply is improved for more than 16 thousand Luciteños inhabitants.

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