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They will give a diploma on Colposcopy and HPV

The diploma will be taught by specialists in different areas of health.

With the aim of raising awareness about the dangers of the progression of HPV (Human Papillomavirus), and the purpose of detecting and treating the lesions caused by this condition in time, the Anticancer Society of Venezuela (SAV) will give a diploma on Colposcopy and HPV, which will begin on June 3 and will last 6 months.

Likewise, the main purpose of this academic offer is to demonstrate the importance of colposcopic evaluation, not only in the female genital area, but also in the male and other mucous membranes; since these areas can become infected with the disease from direct contact with the warts of the virus, and subsequently progress to a type of oncological disease, as highlighted by the gynecologist at the Cancer Prevention Clinic (CPC) of the SAV, Yrama Baloa. .

Additionally, the classes will be taught in the Cancer Prevention Clinic itself by gynecologists, oncologists, urologists, biologists, dentists, coloproctologists, among others. The diploma is aimed at postgraduate resident doctors and specialists in the areas that will be addressed during classes.

Photo: Cancer Prevention Clinic

Those interested can access the information on the SAV's social networks: Instagram as @sociedadanticancerosavzla,

Benefits of early detection

Baloa also explained that by making an early diagnosis, through visual inspection of HPV lesions in women with a colposcopy, you can take control of the situation in the following areas:

  • Prevent the development of different types of female cancer such as cervix, vulva and vagina.
  • Avoid transmitting the virus to men, so that in the future they do not develop male oncological diseases such as penile cancer.
  • Prevent other types of cancerous conditions such as those of the rectum and oropharynx.

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