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Commune produces animal food in Cojedes

The Balanced Animal Food processing plant (ABA 4F), which is located in the Ezequiel Zamora municipality (San Carlos) of the Cojedes state, is a social production company that seeks to promote the communal food economy in this plains entity.

It is administered by the Commune “Where the people can, the country grows”, which is made up of five communal councils and is linked to the Communal Economic Circuit of animal husbandry in Cojedes, with 109 producers who live in 28 communal councils, added in 18 communes in the municipalities of Tinaco, Rómulo Gallegos, Anzoátegui, Ricaurte and Ezequiel Zamora.

The plant facilities were recently recovered, repowered and put into operation, thanks to the efforts of the organized Popular Power, led by the commune.
They received financing through the Ministry for Communes and Social Movements. The loans were granted by Banco Bicentenario.

In the first phase of the project, the plant received a loan in the amount of $45.000, intended for general maintenance of the facilities, which was joined by engineers from Unellez San Carlos, who made the necessary corrections to optimize the production spaces.

A second financing of $70.000 was for the maintenance of the warehouses, where, in addition, the company's board of directors took advantage of the opportunity to process the essential documentation established by law.

“We have all the papers in order, those needed to be able to direct guides and many things, we also equip all the offices with computers, air conditioners, we leave the administrative, production and marketing spaces well organized, worthy for our work team. We also received another loan for $40.000 for production,” explained Alba Mariela Ramos, community manager.

Produce to win

Currently, the company produces more than 6.000 bags of food per month, including fattening pigs, starter pigs, fattening chickens and starter chickens.

This top-notch product contains all the ingredients that a decent food needs, and has also gone through the various laboratory tests to have the quality certificate.

The food is distributed in stores where small and large producers guarantee the quality of the product. Community members and entrepreneurs come to the company facilities to buy pigs and chickens for their offspring.

More than 30.000 chickens

In alliance with a private company in the region, ABA 4F Plant is raising more than 30.000 chickens to bring the production of this animal protein to the Communal Economic Breeding Circuit, where a few days ago they benefited 10.000 chickens for sale. Each bird weighed between 2,2 and 2,5 kilograms, and they were sold to the people of Cojedeño at fair prices.

In the socially owned company, they coordinate with all the community councils of the entity and with corporations in the country that are producing coffee, cheese, fish, among other items, with the sole purpose of exchanging their products to strengthen the productive chain in the circuits. economical.

“We ourselves are going to come out as a communal council, commune and Popular Power in the construction of that communal economy that Commander Chávez told us about, and now it is promoted by our president Nicolás Maduro, in the search for food sovereignty that is now being strengthened. in the country,” said Ramos.

It is expected that in the coming months a large fair will be held in the state of Cojedes, where producers, community members and entrepreneurs will show the products that are entering the economic circuits to strengthen Productive Venezuela towards 2030.


  • It produces 6.000 bags per month of feed for fattening and starters for pigs and chickens.
  • 30.000 chickens are being raised to ramp up the production of this protein in Cojedes.
  • The project received $115.000 for maintenance of facilities and warehouses and production.

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