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Avicola Guacara seeks to open to the international market

Produces 20% of the processed chicken that Carabobo consumes with a new packaging line

Carabobo is among the first states with the highest production of eggs and processed chicken in the country. In recent months, according to data provided by regional Fedeindustria, the incorporation and reinvigoration of different brands that work with this sector, in addition to the strengthening of local poultry companies, have allowed these figures to be notable on a national scale.

The Mil Pollos brand of Avicola Guacara, located in the Vigirima sector, seeks to conquer new spaces in the national and international market, by producing close to 20% of the regional market for processed chicken.

Kamil Albazi, president of Grupo Mil Pollos, assured that the main objective of the poultry company is to deliver a top quality product to large and small distributors.

He explained that currently, they have an installed capacity to produce 3 million 300 thousand kilos per month, which is equivalent to more than 74 thousand birds benefited per day.

They opened a vacuum packaging line with a capacity for 80.000 kilos of chicken, which operates at the Guacara headquarters plant.

Albazi explained that the plant offers, in addition to this line, the entire product, depressed and a special presentation aimed at Muslim consumers who live in the country.
“We have grown rapidly in the Carabobeño market thanks to the relationship of prices and quality,” he said.

Exportation quality. For two years, the Mil Pollos brand, under the slogan “The sexiest chicken in Venezuela. You're going to love it”, it has positioned itself in the national market and seeks to do the same internationally.

Its president, Albazi, declared that one of its goals, in addition to strengthening its presence in the Lara and Falcón states, is to export the product to the Dominican Republic, The Bahamas and Aruba, among other Caribbean islands.

Milagros Hanna, general manager of the brand, highlighted that the goal set is to deliver a top quality product to every Venezuelan home.

“In 2024, our expansion plan plans to strengthen the presence of Mil Pollos in Lara and Falcón, and start in other areas of the central region, but also in the west and east of the country,” he noted.

Mil Pollos has a staff of more than 380 workers providing employment to the Carabobo sector.

Government endorsement

The Guacara poultry farm has the support of the national and regional government, specifically Fedeindustria, an entity that provides advice on permits for the positioning of the product abroad.

Thais Acuña, president of Fedeindustria in the entity, commented that currently 21 birds are produced in Venezuela per month, of which 500% belong to Carabobo.

He indicated that per capita consumption of chicken is between 25 to 27 kilos per person, which is equivalent to a growth of 20% during the last year.

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