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They attend damages generated by the rains in Trujillo

In the Carache municipality, 21 houses were flooded by the intense rains

The passage of tropical wave number 39 through the country generated heavy rainfall from Wednesday evening and Thursday morning in Trujillo state, which caused trees and sediment to fall, as well as damage to two homes in the municipality. Valera and flooding in 21 homes in the Carache municipality.

The regional coordinator of Civil Protection and Disaster Administration, César Fernández, pointed out that from early hours the risk management teams attended to the damages registered in the Valera municipality, specifically in the Caja de Agua, Morón and Bajada del Río sectors that communicate with the municipality of San Rafael de Carvajal.

“The risk management teams and the operations division have been deployed in response to some damages in the Valera municipality, in the Bajada del Río where the obstruction of the road was registered; we have situations that are being generated in the Caja de Agua sector, in the Morón sector, we have several situations in the metropolitan area as well as in the Pan-American axis”, he explained.

From the Situational Room of Civil Protection of the Trujillo state, Fernández noted that the orange officials together with the Fire Department continue to monitor the water tributaries in the Pan-American axis.

"We have received too much rain in the high mountain area such as the Rafael Rangel and Escuque municipalities, where the slopes discharge into the Cheregüé, Pocó, La Vichú rivers, which has been causing damage in the Pan-American zone," he added.

He affirmed that the command posts of the National Risk Management System are alert and deployed, 24 hours a day, responding to emergency calls and situations resulting from the rains.

active firefighters

For its part, the Trujillo State Fire Department assisted a family of six in the El Paraíso sector via El Cumbe, Juan Ignacio Montilla parish in the Valera municipality, where a slope slide occurred, which affected the rear of the the house as a result of the heavy rains that occurred during the night.

Likewise, the commander of this organization, Aidee Villa de Rodas, explained that on 14th street between 10th and 11th avenues of the Mercedes Díaz parish in the Valera municipality, a house collapsed the wall of the main entrance, hindering the exit of the three residents already turn affected a motorcycle.

“The fire officials offered the family some recommendations and they were told that the property is not habitable; said structure will be evaluated by the prevention department”, he emphasized.

Also, the firefighters together with the Civil Protection team carried out the felling of yagrumo trees that obstructed the road in the Bajada del Río sector, which joins the Valera and San Rafael de Carvajal municipalities; After the cleaning work, the vehicular passage was opened normally.

“In the Community of Puertas de los Andes, located on the main road of the El Trentino sector of the Carache municipality, the Agua de Obispo river overflowed as a result of the increase in its flow due to the heavy rains recorded in the area, which caused flooding. in 21 homes, because the flow exceeded the retaining wall and the channeling level”, he mentioned.

There was no loss of material or people in this sector.

It was learned that in the Santo Domingo and Jiménez sectors of the Pampanito municipality, the road requires clearing work as a result of the detachment of sediments (earth and stones) generated by the rains, as well as on the Pampán-Peraza road in the Pampán municipality.

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