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They announce in Guárico the incorporation of the Nutrivida Plan to the country's Clap

In the state, 4 cereal-based products are produced that will be incorporated into the Clap modules

Through a special activity dedicated to the commemoration of the seventh (7th) anniversary of the Local Supply and Production Committees (Clap), the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced the launch of the Nutrivida Plan, which will be incorporated to reinforce the Clap food modules, with the distribution of cereal-based products.

From the Gigante Chávez plant, located in the Industrial Zone, San Juan de los Morros parish, Juan Germán Roscio Nieves municipality of Guárico state, the region's governor, José Vásquez, in this regard, indicated that from now on more than 400 tons of these foods to the food combos that are distributed in the country through the various committees.

"This production makes it possible to incorporate, with other plants in the country, these Nutrivida products oriented towards food and the strengthening of the food modules," emphasized Vásquez.

He informed that among the products that will be distributed, in addition to Nutrichicha, Nutrifororo, Nutricereal and alternate rice cream stand out.

Next, the regional president assured that around 600 food combos are also packaged in the plant that are distributed in 6 states of the country, while mentioning that it has a little more than 250 workers (directly and indirectly), whom he recognized for the work they do every day in favor of state production.

Nutrivida line enriches food combos

For her part, the president of the National Institute of Nutrition (INN) Marilyn Di Luca, pointed out that the Nutrivida line "has been made up of foods designed to guarantee between 20 and 40% of the energy for life, providing carbohydrates, proteins and up to 60% of micronutrients such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B and others”, he said.

He stressed that the products are extremely important for the development of childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, breastfeeding and, in turn, strengthens the immune system, allowing this to prevent diseases in consumers.

"These products do not contain gluten, they are instant and produced with national raw materials," said Di Lucas.


  1. Hello good morning . Here from the community of Anca, Mariño municipality, Aragua state. Incorporate nutritious foods. Very good idea . But don't miss the full milk. Improve pre-powdered flour. No more the yellow one. Information through the president's channels. The cost of the bag or box of the clap. And deliver every 15 days as President Nicolás Maduro said. By the way, I verified the products and I asked the people.

  2. Hello, my name is Yexibel Curvelo de la Guaira. It seems perfect to me that they integrate nutrivida products, but where is the milk? It is also important for feeding children and older adults. They say that nutrichicha comes with milk but it doesn't taste like anything if you don't add sugar and milk please add milk also oil and change those yellow flours that do a lot of damage

  3. In Guri, Bolivar State, where the hydroelectric plant is located, the bag arrives every 6 or 7 months and sometimes it does not arrive. Bolivar food does not supply us as it should, this is an area close to the cities, about 45 minutes away, since as I mentioned, there is the hydroelectric plant, there are many children here, if this nutrition plan is for children, they should ensure that the bags arrive more often to those from the Guri town.

  4. I am a small business owner and I would like to support making those items of chicha milk, rice cream and fororo as well.

  5. Hello, the idea of ​​comprehensive nutritional products is very good, but at the same time the milk should be incorporated as it came before and try to pack at least half a kilo of each nutritional product, since there are families with several children and adults, so that so everyone can consume Thank you...

  6. Hi, I'm from Guyana, the nutrichicha is very tasty but very little, it's only enough to make it once.😪

  7. Hi, I'm from Monagas, you would see that I have at least a kilo of milk and chicha to be able to help feed a child or an elderly person, there's plenty, thank you

  8. Good evening, it is true what Mrs. says, it will be very good but that is not enough for a family group of 3 children or more, it would be good if the packages were 1 kilo.

  9. From Guacara Edo Carabobo since February 2023 the bag has not arrived and if it arrives it is rice, yellow flour, 150-gram nutrichicha pasta and grains that feed that salaries based on reality, no proteins or vegetables, where does a pure lie arrive.

  10. They are giving Nutri chicha for the milk but it is a few grams, that is, a single preparation and when there are 5 fewer children at home, it yields

  11. Good morning. I am from Margarita, Nueva Esparta state. I am an elderly person and an oncological patient with rheumatological arthritis and without medical attention due to not having resources and the bad situation in which we are currently living. Here in my community there has been a long time they don't sell us food bags clap it's been more than seven months now. my name is Morelba cedeño.ci5.479.591.la guardia municpio diaz.nueva esparta.

  12. Ski end Barrancas del Orinoco specifically in the Ali primers sector with mission bases the inhabitants of said sector want to know the real price of the mercal that does not arrive ski As a vulnerable community prioritized by the mission bases and a bag they are charging us in 50,00, 54,00 and the combos at XNUMX which had a price of two thousand five hundred bolivars and the combo had a price of one thousand five hundred. The food and if they don't pay for it on time, they take away the food from those humble mothers and fathers who have to go out every day to solve the day. I think this was not what our eternal commander wanted when he was referring to LA equality here we are all children of God hopefully this reaches the sight of our mature president and take action on this matter

  13. The idea is very good but it would be better if they included milk, coffee, cornmeal and grains of a higher quality and variety.

  14. I'm from Guarique, powdered milk should also be incorporated to prepare the fororo and cream of rice, please

  15. Good afternoon, yes it is very good but it is for a single take, imagine it would be enough to consume it once a month, and perhaps longer because it is never delivered per month.

  16. That would be very good because in Puerto la Cruz 4 kilos of rice arrives 3 of Ariana precooked 1 kilo of pasta 1 kilo of grains and lately 2 grams of nutrichicha nothing more

  17. Excellent proposal for the community in general... nutrivida helps strengthen the immune system of children who are the future of our country...

  18. Hello, good morning, I'm from Guarica, yes, the nutrichicha is super good, but it comes packed with very little, it's only enough to do once

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