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They activate teams to respond to emergencies on the Barinas – Táchira highway

National and regional government authorities went to the area to assess the damage.

Commissions from the national and regional Government carried out an inspection on Trunk 005, to evaluate the magnitude of the damage after the fall of 10 meters of road that left incommunicado to the states of Táchira and Barinas.

The authorities headed by the commander of Operation Battle of Santa Inés, GD Lenín Guillermo Herrera; representing Minister Vladimir Padrino López, Mayor Salvador Guerrero, directors that make up the General Staff of Infrastructure, as well as Julio César Reyes; Secretary General of the Government, went to the scene to activate the emergency plan.

Herrera Hernández indicated that on instructions from President Nicolás Maduro, the equipment, technicians and machinery were deployed to respond to the emergency caused by the undermining of one end of the road over the Michay River bridge, in the Antonio José de Sucre municipality of the Barinas state.

"We have consolidated a perfect civil-military union, and by instructions from our GJ Vladímir Padrino López and our political liaison, Jacqueline Faria, we are activated to resolve the contingency that has been presented to us."

Within the plan, each institution will provide its support within the needs and emergencies to solve the problem.

The channeling of the river will be carried out 

It was articulated with the mayor of the Ezequiel Zamora municipality for the coordination of the machinery required for the channeling of the river, the Government of Barinas will support with oils and lubricants, while the mayor of Sucre with logistics and Civil Protection will make the corresponding evaluations. .

He specified that there are the necessary specialists and technicians, who have taken on the task of solving this situation and serving the people of the surrounding communities.

For his part, Julio César Reyes, representing the Government of Barinas, highlighted that the three levels of government have come together to complete the reestablishment of the passage between the states of Barinas, Táchira and also Apure.

“Immediately after the collapse occurred, which prevents communication through Trunk 005, fellow governor Sergio Garrido contacted the Minister of Transportation to request resources and machinery to begin repair work. I must remember that this is a binational transit highway, and that is why the different levels of government are engaged in these tasks of magnitude,” said the official.

Through social networks, the Minister of Popular Power for Transportation, Ramón Velázquez Araguayán, confirmed that as a result of the rains, damage was caused to the abutments of the Michay bridge, leaving both entities incommunicado. He highlighted that equipment and machinery were deployed for the contingency.

“Due to the heavy rains in the states of Táchira and Barinas, damage was caused to the abutments of the Michay bridge, leaving both entities incommunicado. The equipment and machinery of our @TransporteGobVe are on site to deal with the contingency, once the rainfall stops. We will continue to report! “He wrote.

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