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Venezuela Bella Mission returned shine to the Punto Fijo de LUZ core

The first module was delivered and work continues in other areas

More than 1.300 students and workers from the Punto Fijo core of the University of Zulia (LUZ) are filled with joy with the delivery of module A, which was completely rehabilitated by the Bella University plan of the Great Venezuela Bella Mission. 

The president of the mission Jacqueline Faria, Governor Víctor Clark and the rector of LUZ Judith Aular, among other authorities, led the launch of the history and tradition study center within the academic world in the state of Falcón.

This infrastructure, which was abandoned and maintained its virtual classes, was rescued by the national Executive to resume the in-person modality.

A fact that filled the university community with joy for the improvements to the higher education campus, which at the time was the first nucleus of the Alma Mater outside its territory and also the pioneer of its type based on the Paraguaná peninsula. 

The first phase of the project impacts more than 20 recovered spaces between classrooms, administrative areas, bathrooms, cafeteria and common areas, necessary to deliver five training programs.

Faria highlighted that the Punto Fijo core of LUZ is one of the 34 headquarters that are being intervened through Venezuela Bella.

“The President has dedicated himself to rehabilitating and adapting the entire university education infrastructure, in order to guarantee quality education for our young people and make them fall in love with their country to assume leadership in the medium and long terms,” he said. 

Salvador Araujo, as a PNF administration student, expressed feeling extremely pleased to see how, as a result of the efforts of all sectors, the reality of LUZ in Falcón is different “and now better things are on the horizon for the students.” 

It was a propitious occasion for the head of the regional government to announce the prompt start of the comprehensive rehabilitation work at the El Sabino core of Unefm, also located in the capital of the Carirubana municipality, which, he assured, would amount to more than 4.000 number of students served between both educational centers.

Other inspections to strengthen the university

Governor Clark and Faria also carried out inspections of the transformed spaces in the “José Rodolfo Bastidas” teaching complex of the Francisco de Miranda Experimental University (Unefm), better known as Hatillo.

The authorities reviewed the waterproofing of the roof, the adequacy of the classrooms, bathrooms and laboratory.

The head of the mission stressed that the national government develops 70% of the work and the remaining 30% belongs to the government.

“The interventions prioritize the areas for student use, while the administrative area is left in the last link, in addition to the repairs, special provision in equipment and technology is made,” he stated.

For his part, the regional leader assured that the work well advanced will have a positive impact on agricultural, veterinary and agronomy students.

“These are important advances regarding academic and scientific development in agricultural and marine sciences, aimed at the future of the country,” he indicated.

In addition, the authorities held a meeting with representatives of the “Alonso Gamero” Territorial Polytechnic University (Uptag) of Coro, to evaluate future interventions in favor of the student group.

Together with the rector, Rafael Pineda, they established priorities in the work plan for their comprehensive recovery by phase.

The Uptag university community proposed rehabilitation in civil works in areas such as classrooms, bathrooms, laboratories and administrative areas that have leaks or other minor damages.

As well as the rescue of other environments that would allow the expansion of capacity to increase enrollment in various careers.

Another action that the regional government undertakes in favor of the youth of the country who are committed to forging a future of development and economic recovery of the country.

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