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The transformation of Manaure de Coro Avenue progresses by 40%

The modern project covers 3,4 kilometers of track, expansion, adaptation of stops and surveillance system

On 1,4 kilometers of Manaure de Coro Avenue, the Mayor's Office of the Miranda municipality of Falcón state, completed this Wednesday, the placement of 580 tons of asphalt to complete the first phase of the transformation.

Therefore, the total modernization of the main avenue of Coro, where the commercial sector has a great impact on Coro, is at 40% progress.

The mayor, Henry Hernández, specified that this first section included from the Manaure distributor of the South Variant to the intersection with Ruiz Pineda Avenue and they will continue working until addressing the 3,4 kilometers of distance that the avenue has.

"We plan to deliver this important work for Choir Day, however, due to several external factors, the work has been delayed, but we can assure that before the end of the year we will have a modern and friendly avenue for citizens, both drivers and passersby,” he explained.

He alleged that, likewise, the work is part of the gifts that the municipal authority will give to the Corians, so they work with a lot of charisma and love so that it is greatly appreciated by everyone.

In this sense, he announced that they will create some murals to support local talent and project with art “what we want from the city towards its 500 years, since in 2024 we will reach 497 years,” he said.

Avenue that will be a model

The municipal leader specified that in the first phase the installation of 1400 tons of asphalt, installation of more than 200 LED lights, as well as poles for the Internet service and security cameras will be added.

Also the painting of the shoulders, the road demarcation, the placement of cats' eyes, the demolition of the island to widen the road and thus obtain a wider avenue.

The reforestation of ornamental trees and the construction of new sidewalks to make them suitable for people with disabilities.

He highlighted the development of two public transport stops with all the conditions so that passengers can wait comfortably. Among them, the roof for shade, lighting for nighttime hours, the installation of Wi-Fi and surveillance cameras.

Likewise, he highlighted the operation of the six traffic lights on the avenue to control traffic and maintain vehicle order; He mentioned that they only need to work on the pedestrian crossing.


Among the users who normally travel this avenue, Mrs. Mary Sánchez applauded the work and what has been achieved up to this point.

“The city needed this type of initiative that would elevate us to the same level as other developed cities. I believe that this exercise will help other avenues to be improved just as they do with this one,” he stated.

On the other hand, the young Ricardo Soto alleged that the revolutionary Government has an avant-garde vision of the city and works to guarantee optimal conditions.

Teacher Glisbet Arias confirmed that the modernization of the avenue contributes to the development of the city and the new spaces will be ideal for citizen harmony.

Mr. José Rojas indicated that the reforestation of the trees has given another view to the avenue and the new sidewalks have more spaces to walk.

“All the improvements look great, they placed lights on the islands at the starting and finishing points to give it an urban touch of the great cosmopolitans,” he emphasized.

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