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In Falcón, the community structures came out to verify their 1×10

With great joy, enthusiasm and commitment the bosses and lídercommunity members did their homework

The 728 UBCh, 1.750 community heads and 11.156 líderes street in the state of Falcón were deployed this Sunday in their sectors to verify their 1×10, complying with the guidelines instructed by the líder revolutionary Nicolás Maduro with great joy, enthusiasm and commitment to ensure a new victory.

In the Miranda municipality (Coro), Maritza Marrufo from sector 1 of the Arístides Calvani urbanization located in the San Antonio parish, with her list in hand, visited the members of her 1×10 house to house.

"This is a vocation that is born from the heart, the revolution is a feeling, that is why we work for the victory of Nicolás Maduro this July 28 and do not be confused because now there are people in favor of Chávez's legacy," he alleged. .

In an atmosphere of camaraderie, Jonetzi Miquilena stated that she went house to house to verify 1×10 and was received with joy.

"In this sector we take youth into account in this process because they are the ones who are at the forefront, because they are the fruit of the womb that Chávez left us," he said.

While Rigoberto Villalobos of the UBCh Ceis Arístides Calvani maintained that the 1×10 is a tool that adds oil to the electoral machinery ahead of the presidential elections on July 28.

"We assure the voters that we accompany them because what is at stake is the continuity of the revolutionary process, Nicolás Maduro is the candidate who guarantees stability and peace, because beyond the sanctions he has demonstrated the ability to face any situation," he emphasized.

Active Colina Municipality

Meanwhile, the political structure of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela in the Colina municipality (La Vela) carried out the check of its 1×10 in which it confirmed the citizen commitment to guarantee a new revolutionary victory.

The Bolívar and Chávez Battle Unit (UBCh) of Las Malvinas, La Vela parish, took to the streets of their sector this Sunday to agitate the militant base, ensure the hard vote and summon the voters with the purpose that in the electoral appointment wins the peace and stability of the country.

Within the National 1×10 Review Day, Rendy Hernández, as líder of community, reaffirmed that with the 1×10 work methodology he will keep the revolution in force.

“We are clear that to follow the social policies that reach the bases, the young people, the elderly, we must support and fight as a team for the great victory, so we are going with everything,” he said.

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