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The PSUV Falcón is still on the street warming up the engines

The revolutionary force carries out street activities in parishes

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela in the state of Falcón has not stopped in its purpose of agitating the militancy and encouraging an atmosphere of victory in the face of the presidential elections on July 28, which is why a red tide flooded the Bobare sector of Choir (Miranda municipality).

The political leader Víctor Clark accompanied the walk that started from the municipal PSUV headquarters, located on Purureche Street, passed through Jurado Alley, joined Alí Primera Plaza until reaching Santa Inés Street where the demonstrations in support of the President Nicolas Maduro were seen with slogans, flags, songs and a lot of joy.

Members of regional leadership, social movements, youth, older adults, community leaders, líderes of streets, workers and popular power were present to demonstrate their support for the revolutionary and Bolivarian project embodied in the Plan of the Homeland 2025-2030.

Clark, when addressing the rally, assured that Chavismo does not give up, because hope is in the streets ready to ratify a socialist and humanist model that for years has defended the country from attacks by imperialism and the right.

"We are going to work to continue forging a better future, the final stretch of the electoral contest on July 28 begins, in which we will obtain a new victory, we are not going to fail Commander Hugo Chávez, because the truth always prevails," he emphasized. .

He maintained that the task will continue from house to house, in the organization of 1×10, in carrying the message, so each militant has the role of convincing those who do not want to vote, those who are going to do so for the first time and those who , for some reason, is discouraged.

“This story continues and we will have to reach 2030 with our faces held high to tell Bolívar, here are the independent, free and sovereign Venezuelans,” he assured.

 Many demonstrations of support were seen

Show of popular support

The resident of the San Gabriel parish, María Guerrero, said that she attended the mobilization because she believes that it is the most reasonable option to move forward because she has demonstrated her commitment to the people.

"The others only want power to bleed the country, they have demonstrated this with Citgo, humanitarian aid and other fraudulent transactions that go against the country and in favor of their pockets," he explained.

While Edgardo Gotopo, coordinator of the Alberto Lobera social movement, stated that the conscience of the people is on the side of President Nicolás Maduro.

“Here we are giving great support to the president who is re-elected, because his fight is tireless and he has demonstrated his loyalty,” he stated.

María Suárez from the Josefa Joaquina Sánchez de Falcón Women's Movement, alleged that women are with the revolution forever because their leading role in society was made visible.

“These are conquests that we are not going to let lose, we are not going to go back, that is why this July 28 we are going to vote for the revolution,” he stated.

Inmaculada Tovar, head of the UBCh Divino Niño, pointed out that popular power will not abandon the streets because they are the ones who step up to solve, organize, propose and obtain answers.

Representing the Robinsonian bloc, Silene Chirinos, urged the Falconians not to stay in their homes, it is time to go out and agitate the neighbors in their communities so that there is a resounding victory.

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