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From La Vela they have exported 4.045 tons in the last 12 months

The Colina municipality chamber offered a balance of export activity to Curacao and Aruba

The vice president of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of the Colina municipality (La Vela), Juan Gotopo, provided a balance of the last 12 months on commercial relations with the islands of the Dutch Caribbean, Curacao and Aruba, in which he highlighted that a total of 4.045 tons have left the artisanal dock of La Vela.

It specified that of this amount, 3.730 tons (92,21%) were directed to the island of Curacao, while 315 tons (7,78%) went to the island of Aruba.

Among the main items marketed have been fruits, vegetables, plants, fertilizer, pottery, charcoal, construction materials and confectionery.

According to the statistics presented, exports in the month of June, compared to last year, increased by 49,20 percent, since in 2023 there were 315 and in 2024 a total of 470 tons.

In summary, the first half of 2024 accounted for 1.435 tons, of which 1.260 were for Curacao (87,80%) and 175 for Aruba (12,19%).

A year with ups and downs

Gotopo indicated that during the first year of exchange, the highest peaks were recorded in the months of September and October with the export of 590 and 555 tons respectively.

Likewise, he mentioned some considerable drops, especially in the month of January 2024, when exports fell to only 90 tons of mainly fruits and vegetables.

“In May 2023, the activity began after the reopening of the maritime border with 115 tons, from there the export doubled to 310 in the month of June, then it fell a little in July to 275, but it recovered in August. with 340 tons,” he explained.

Gotopo pointed out that after registering the highest peak of the last 12 months, in September 2023, there was a progressive drop, in October to 555 tons, in November 285, in December 135 until reaching the floor with 90 tons in January of the 2024.

However, he assured that exporters continue to bet on binational economic activity and the recovery of the market on the islands with fresh and quality products.

"In February exports doubled to 180 tons, it rose a little in March to 210, then it dropped in April to 175 and began to recover in May with 315 tons," he added.

He said that in the month of June 470 tons were registered, which represents an encouraging increase for the coming months.

Efforts that aspire to consolidate

The president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Aruba, Diederik Kemmerling, recently informed the digital media Crónicas del Caribe that he supports the commercial reconnection between Venezuela and the island because it is an action that can contribute to the reduction of inflation in Aruban consumers. .

However, according to data released by the Central Statistics Office of Aruba, the numbers of binational transactions are very modest, which is why it is advocated for it to be expanded.

He said that the exchange with Latin American countries such as Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Paraguay continues to be positioned in the market, which is reflected in the statistics shown by the La Vela Chamber of Commerce, since only 7,78% of exports They went to Oranjestad.

He maintained that despite the geographical proximity and the ties of brotherhood developed for many years, commercial activity has not imploded with the reopening of the maritime border.

It should be noted, regarding commercial air flights, that the second restriction issued by the aeronautical authorities in 20 is in force until July 2024.

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