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They activate three work fronts to replace the La Cocuiza bridge

All levels of government are activated in the plan to restore traffic.

This Sunday it was learned that the National Government activated three work fronts in the collapsed section of trunk 003, better known as the Falcón-Zulia highway, after the collapse of the La Cocuiza bridge.

The information was provided by G/D Raúl Paredes, Minister of Popular Power for Public Works and president of the Great Mission Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor, through a video on his social network @GRaulparedes.

He highlighted that for the intervention they activated three work fronts: a scientific-technical staff to evaluate the causes of this event; an emergency operational staff, which focused on the location of alternative routes and thus avoid traffic paralysis, and an infrastructure-structural staff that, according to the results of the scientific-technical staff, carries out the respective protocols for rehabilitation. definitive of this important road artery.

“All activities are carried out simultaneously,” Minister G/D Paredes indicated that there are permanent crews dedicated to demolishing the bridge infrastructure and constructing an adjacent embankment, however, the constant rains in the area have made the execution of these works difficult. . 

In the audiovisual material, he detailed that there is a wide deployment in the area in which the Ministries of Transportation and Public Works, the Vice Ministry of Risk Management and Civil Protection, Corpozulia, the Latin American Railway Infrastructure SA company (Ferrolasa) and security agencies in coordination with the regional authorities of the Falcón state that support the work to restore the road that connects both states as soon as possible.

Likewise, G/D Paredes stated that in accordance with the instructions of President Nicolás Maduro, the work team immediately went to the highway located in the Ana María Campos parish of the state of Zulia.

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