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33 projects demonstrated the ingenuity of Falcón's scientific hotbed

The first state fair brought together participants from nine municipalities in the state of Falcón

This Friday, the first state innovation fair “Scientific Seedbeds” in the state of Falcón was held, with the exhibition of 33 creative, ingenious, proactive, useful and sustainable projects.

The president of Fundacite Falcón, Jougreidin Cerero, was in charge of the opening of the event that brought together almost 100 basic and general secondary education students from nine municipalities, to show potential prototypes in areas such as robotics, technology, agri-food, mechanics and others, under the categories of adventure, challenge and innovation.

He highlighted the distinction of second place, received by Falcón in the Olympics in the state of Lara, which qualified them to represent the entity in the national competition that will take place in the coming months.

“We promote activities that allow us to achieve total independence through the education and training of a generation that awakens early in the production of new technologies and knowledge that project the professionalization of the future,” he stated.

In this sense, he highlighted the value of promoting the vocation in children and young people in priority and strategic careers for the development of the country, which is why he pointed out that the joint work between the Ministry of Science and Technology, Education and University Education is oriented to these actions to make them fall in love and thus discover their skills and talents.

“Our objective is to make visible the ingenuity, creativity and versatility of this seedbed that has the support of the national government and state institutions to project itself, the challenge of multiplying remains on our side,” he said.

The region's Secretary of University Education also announced that with so many proposals they are working on the development of a training program in educational robotics that will soon be launched.

 The young people shared their prototypes

The taste for science

The boy Diego Rodríguez from the project that won second place in Lara, participated in the installation of the fair and told his experience with the project called “Flood Alert.”

"We are four colleagues who came together to develop this prototype that is aimed at showing the risks to human beings, it is based on GPS signals that issue alerts for the location of people who were trapped in the floods," he explained.

On the other hand, the young woman Geovanna Camargo spoke about her project “Vision AID”, glasses with a proximity sensor that tells the person with a disability that they have an object in their environment.

Together with six other boys and from the municipality of Los Taques (Judibana), they were interested in providing solutions to people with visual disabilities to improve their quality of life.

“It is quite an experience to try to make life easier for those people who have disabilities, in addition to discovering that we can use everyday materials in versatile prototypes,” he said.

At the fair, Gustavo Pereira was representing the Center for the Development of Educational Quality, who stated that the evening was inspiring and revealing due to the talent of the students of the Falcón state.

“This is how we work for technological sovereignty in an emancipatory process because students explore their talents through inclusive State policies that encourage the future of the country,” he stated.

For this reason, he mentioned some projects such as the wind generator of the Federación municipality (Churuguara), medical assistant of the Miranda municipality (Coro), the construction of a mobile robot of the Carirubana municipality (Punto Fijo) and a homemade air conditioner of the Cacique Manaure municipality ( Yaracal).

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