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The electoral campaign day by day. July 5th

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July 5, 2024
09:35 am.

Candidate Maduro highlights the strength of the people of Venezuela mobilized in the streets 

The presidential candidate for the Great Patriotic Pole, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted in his account on the social network deployment of the Great March for victory in 70 municipalities of the country, which marked the beginning of the campaign for the presidential elections.

9:40 am

Benjamín Rausseo: this 28J let's write and sign the Minutes of the Reunion

The candidate for the Conde party, Benjamin Rausseo, expressed that “this 28J let us write and sign the Act of Reunion, Unity and National Reconciliation.”

Rausseo gave this message after remembering that “today we celebrate 213 years since the Signing of the Independence Act; 23 days before the Presidential election, the best tribute we can pay to the patriots who wrote and signed that Act.”

11:04 am

Edmundo González: Yesterday was an indescribable day

Edmundo González, candidate of the Unitary Platform, expressed on his social network Twitter that “Yesterday was an indescribable day.” Likewise, he indicated that "I confess that when this whole process began and the proposal to be the unitary presidential candidate arose, together with our family we were faced with a difficult crossroads."

"Today, seeing the enthusiastic and energetic face of each of you in the streets, dreaming of a country with a strong democracy, a prosperous economy and our family reunited, as I dream, I confirm that we made the right decision," he said.

11:51 am

Rodríguez: Maduro guarantees the peace of our Republic

The general coordinator of the Venezuela Nuestra Campaign Command, Jorge Rodríguez, expressed that “Nicolás Maduro is a man of faith and guarantees the peace of our Republic. I'm going to my rooster Nico!

2:10 p.m.

José Brito highlights the need to improve the economy

The opposition presidential candidate, José Brito, assures that, to improve salaries, pensions and retirements, it is “necessary to end the disastrous bonus policy” and start producing immediately, and apply “compensatory measures.”

Brito highlighted in an interview with a private media the need to improve the economy through petrochemical production, which allows rubber to be produced internally and thus have greater income, which translates into more money for the Venezuelan people.

3:05 p.m.

Working class unifies to guarantee the victory of Nicolás Maduro in Bolívar

Workers are mobilized in the state of Bolívar to guarantee the re-election of candidate Nicolás Maduro in the July 28 elections, said the leaders of several union organizations from the main productive and service sectors of the entity.

The workers of companies in the iron, aluminum and steel sector based in Ciudad Guayana are organized in the 1×10 system in each factory, guaranteeing thousands of votes in favor of Maduro.

06: 32pm

The candidate Nicolás Maduro arrived at the Urimare municipality in La Guaira

The candidate for reelection for the Great Patriotic Pole, Nicolás Maduro, arrived this Friday afternoon in the Urimare municipality of La Guaira state.

Maduro was received by the people of Guaireño in the Socialist Commune “Comandante Chávez” who received him with love and joy who in unison shouted “we support you Nico, we love you Nico” as a show of affection for the candidate of the Homeland

6:40 p.m.

Socialist Commune Hugo Chávez receives Maduro with fervor

In an emotional meeting, the Hugo Chávez Socialist Commune, located in the state of La Guaira, welcomed the candidate Nicolás Maduro, who toured the urban planning and greeted the inhabitants of the community with joy and affection.

During the meeting, Maduro highlighted the importance of popular participation in the construction of a communal state.

7:29 p.m.

Concentration in Maturín in support of the candidate Edmundo González  

This Friday afternoon, Maturín's opposition force joined a rally where thousands of people loudly shouted "We are going to liberate Venezuela."

With banners, tricolor flags, blue shirts and very high joy, the people of Maturin gathered to the stage, on Barreto Street and Azcue Street.

The candidate Edmundo González greeted those present through a video call to express gratitude for their unconditional support.

“This July 28, victory and hope will win, continue with that same emotion,” said the opposition candidate.

8:19 pm.

Bertucci: we build bridges to the Venezuela we want

The candidate for the El Cambio party, Javier Bertucci, highlighted that “we build bridges to the Venezuela we want,”

He urged his ranks to continue writing history “with the ink of hope and courage in our hands.”

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