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The electoral campaign day by day. July 9th

🗳️ 📌 Follow minute by minute with Últimas Noticias the incidents of the electoral campaign with our correspondents throughout the country.

July 9, 2024
9:00 am

Revolutionary Militancy mobilized in support of Maduro

An impressive mobilization was carried out on Monday by militants of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) from the Milla parish in the Libertador municipality of Mérida, together with the parties of the Great Simón Bolívar Patriotic Pole.

From La Providencia to the Andrés Eloy Blanco neighborhood, they filled the streets in support of the re-election of President Nicolás Maduro on July 28.

09:30 am

Ecarri visited the Santa Fe neighborhood in Zulia

The candidate for the presidential elections for Alianza Lápiz, Antonio Ecarri, visited on monday night the Santa Fe neighborhood, Los Cortijos popular parish, San Francisco, in Zulia.

On the other hand, on his account has.

He explained that his proposal will seek to attract investments and encourage economic activity with low taxes, which is why he considers “a technical closure of the Seniat” pertinent.


Bertucci in Carabobo invited young people to seek change

The candidate of the political organization El Cambio, Javier Berucci, led a campaign event in the state of Carabobo on Monday, where he told young people that they have a fundamental role in the development and transformation of the country.

Likewise, he invited Venezuelans to have faith and seek change in the next presidential elections, with forgiveness and reconciliation.

10:00 am

Claudio Fermin

Fermín rejected opponents who support sanctions

The presidential candidate for the Solutions for Venezuela party, Claudio Fermín, in an event with the community of the state of Barinas, on Monday, questioned the opposition that supports sanctions against the country.

He explained that his proposal seeks to build an integration government, where all sectors will be consulted.

In his most recent publication on his X account, he talks about demands for workers and policies to regain worker trust.

10:30 am

Candidate Luis Martínez visits Anzoátegui this Tuesday

The presidential candidate for Democratic Action and Copei, Luis Eduardo Martínez, announced on his networks that he will be visiting several locations in the state of Anzoátegui this Tuesday.


PSUV continues house by house in Anzoátegui

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) continues to carry out its house-to-house tour of the country.

On this occasion, political and social teams of the party were deployed in the state of Anzoátegui, carrying the message of candidate Nicolás Maduro.


Candidate Enrique Márquez offers a press conference this Tuesday

The presidential candidate of the Centered Party, Enrique Márquez, announced on his networks that he will hold a press conference this Tuesday.

Márquez will address matters related to the tendency to criminalize politics and strain the electoral environment.


Brito appeals to rationality to set the country on a path to prosperity

The candidate for the opposition parties Primero Venezuela and Primero Justicia, José Brito, reaffirmed his willingness to dialogue between all political sectors and the rejection of the violence that some sectors of the extreme right seek to promote.

This Tuesday, on the VTV program Café in the morning, he insisted that “we are not going to achieve anything through violence.” For this reason, he highlighted the importance of understanding, coexistence and a great national meeting.

12: 50pm

The head of the Venezuela Nuestra campaign command, Jorge Rodríguez, during a press conference. Photo: Wilmer Errades

They will investigate threats against opposition mayor who joined Maduro's campaign

The Domestic Policy Commission of the National Assembly will investigate the threats received by the mayor of the Rojas municipality of Barinas state, Pedro Antonio Abreu, after announcing his intention to join the campaign of the Homeland candidate, Nicolás Maduro.

This was reported by the head of the Venezuela Nuestra del Siglo XXI campaign command, Jorge Rodríguez, at a press conference this Tuesday.

Rodríguez reported that the mayor was threatened with burning his house.

1:10 pm

Petare neighbors support Maduro's candidacy

Neighbors from the Julián Blanco neighborhood gathered to express their support for the candidate of the Homeland, Nicolás Maduro.

This was announced this Tuesday by the mayor of the Sucre Municipality, José Vicente Rangel, through his networks.

2:35 p.m.

Enrique Márquez rejects violence wherever it comes from

The opposition candidate for the Centrados party, Enrique Márquez, rejected this Tuesday during an interview with a private media outlet “any element of violence, wherever it comes from.” Ratifying that the path is electoral.

2:58 p.m.

Futuro calls on social organizations to work together for the country

The Future Movement urged social organizations and political parties to put aside differences and work together from love to improve the country during a house-to-house deployment and an assembly with the movement's volunteers in the José Gregorio Hernández parish of the state. Trujillo.

3:45 pm

Luis Eduardo Martínez tours Anzoátegui

From Clarines, a town in the state # Anzoátegui, the candidate Luis Eduardo Martínez started the #PuebloAPueblo with which we will travel all #Venezuel

3:48 p.m.

Daniel Ceballos visited the state of Anzoátegui

The opposition candidate for the Arepa Digital party, Daniel Ceballos, offered a press conference from the state of Anzoátegui where he spoke about his government plan to be elected on July 28.

3:50 p.m.

Rausseo: I have the right to show my ideas

The independent presidential candidate for the Conde party, Benjamín Rausseo, broadcast a video on his social network Instagram where he expressed: “I have the right to show my ideas and my proposal for the Venezuela that I dream of, that is what democracy is about.”

4:10 p.m.

Venezuelan electoral experts

UN Panel of Electoral Experts arrives in Venezuela

This Tuesday, the Panel United Nations (UN) Electoral Experts arrived in Venezuela as part of the invitation extended by the National Electoral Council (CNE) to participate as international companions in the presidential elections on July 28.

4:30 pm

The candidate Edmundo González met with the retirees and pensioners of the UCV

The candidate of the Unitary Platform, Edmundo González, held a meeting with the retirees and pensioners of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV).

5:30 pm

In Los Robles, Nueva Esparta they marched to support Maduro

In the streets of the city of Los Robles, Aguirre parish of the Maneiro municipality, the revolutionary people marched to support the candidate of the Great Patriotic Pole for the upcoming presidential elections, Nicolás Maduro.


Roberto Messuti, liaison of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), in the Maneiro municipality, led the march together with the members of the Venezuela Nuestra campaign command

5:33 pm

The people of Maripa in Bolívar took to the streets in support of Maduro

In the state of Bolívar, the people of Maripa came out in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution and in support of the candidate for re-election, Nicolás Maduro.

5:40 pm

Ecarri visited indigenous population in the state of Zulia

The opposition candidate of the Lápiz party, Antonio Ecarri, visited the indigenous community during a tour he took through the state of Zulia.

5:41 p.m.

Candidate Luis Martínez will visit Darién in solidarity with migrants

The opposition candidate, Luis Eduardo Martínez, announced that on July 25 he will visit the entrance to the Darién jungle, a border area between Panama and Colombia.

5:42 p.m.

Zulia workers rested with Nicolás Maduro

Main líderes of Construction, Oil, Petrochemicals, Health, Education, Public Employees, Miners, Peasants, Fishermen, Women, Youth, Private, Agroindustrial, Electrical and Telecommunications, established the organizational guidelines of the Working Class in support of the re-election of Nicolás Mature Moros.

6:39 pm

Photo: Presidential Press

The people of Cumaná gathered in the streets in support of the candidate of the Homeland

The people of Cumaná took to the streets in support of the re-election of the candidate of the Homeland, Nicolás Maduro.

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