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It's a little embarrassing to remember the image in front of the television, following each of the instructions, to try to bend a spoon by rubbing your fingers together. The experience, otherwise unsuccessful, was shared with other contemporary children, equally amazed by what was happening before their eyes.

This was achieved by the Israeli mentalist Uri Geller, when, in the 70s of the last century, he appeared on one of RCTV's Saturday programs, impressing the audience with an act never seen before. For those for whom magic is a journey through fantasy, the participation of the character in question became an indelible memory.

It would be many years before another illusionist impacted the national public in a similar way. The one today questioned by accusations of sexual abuse, David Copperfield, came with his shows “You”, in 1999, and “Unknown Dimension”, in 2000. Five days at the Poliedro in Caracas and four at the Ríos Reyna room at the Teresa Carreño, respectively, were enough to seduce the locals with their impeccable tricks.

Currently, the spotlight is on a young man who has the special charm of being Venezuelan: Michael Gallero. With the help of his grandmother, he began in the world of magic when he was four years old. At 10, he won an important Colombian specialty festival.

Since then, he continued his training as a pupil of the Spanish Juan Tamariz and the American Jeff McBride, in addition to diversifying his activity. In social networks he found the ideal place to make himself known. However, his big leap to the fore occurred during the pandemic, when one of his videos went viral.

His followers on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok have increased considerably, thanks to a simple but effective formula: amaze famous people with his actions. Recently, he took advantage of the visit of the Muñoz de Estopa brothers to leave them speechless, as he had already done with Manuel Turizo, Alejandra Guzmán, Julio Iglesias Jr. and Melendi, to mention some of the internationals.

Among the compatriots are: Maite Delgado, Viviana Gibelli, Norkys Batista, Víctor Drija, Sixto Rein, Nando de la Gente, Oscarcito and María Alejandra Requena, who have not been able to hide their surprise at the skills of the Venezuelan.

The success of Michael Gallero can be measured by his show “Enigma” that sells out the box office every time a new performance is announced. There are two new ones, July 4 and 11, at the Teatro Escena Ocho.

Unbelievers can visit his IG account and follow one of his games. Unlike what happened with Uri Geller, there will be no frustration.

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