Old duck…

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His characteristic bad mood and inability to communicate are part of the charm with which Donald Duck has seduced a few generations, since he first appeared on June 9, 1934, in “The Wise Little Hen” from the “Silly Symphonies” series.

Although he was the last to join the clan of the famous Mickey Mouse, who already shared adventures with his beloved Minnie (1928), his pet Pluto (1930) and his carnal Goofy (1932), the popularity obtained by the palmipede, in a short time, It led the executives of the Disney Factory to the decision to set up a separate store.

For this reason, his greedy uncle Rico McPato, his mischievous nephews Hugo, Paco and Luis and his inevitable lover Daisy emerged. Cruelly, with the passing of the decades, the protagonist of these lines has been practically destined for the park parades and the consortium's marketable products. Meanwhile, his relatives have managed to survive with their own series and comic strips that continue to be published in some countries.

The iconic mouse experiences a similar event. However, no one can take away what they danced from Mickey or Donald, being the most famous mouse and duck in the world. Both wear their respective stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, although the first since 1978 and the second since 2004.

In the competing case, he had to fight hard with Daffy Duck, released by Warner Brothers in 1937, to compete. The strategy worked in the sense that the two monopolized the public's sympathy for animals of this species until a couple of new characters joined the clan.

Starting in 1999, the expansion of the Pokémon anime, later converted into a manga, video game and application, made Golduck an idol, an evolution of Psyduck who is one of the strongest in history. The cultural phenomenon generated by this Japanese creation took it to the podium.

At some distance from the medal table is Pato, who accompanies Pocoyó in the episodes of the cartoon series of the same name that entertains preschool children. This Spanish billing product has received important awards for its pedagogical function.

The generation gap, however, does not prevent Donald from singing the classic by Mexican José Alfredo Jiménez that says: “But I'm still the kingyy…”, with the unintelligible sound provided by Clarence Nash, when it was chosen by Walt Disney himself. , so that it enriched the character's attributes.

At 90 years old, now in the voice of Tony Anselmo, he applies the saying that “an old parrot doesn't learn to talk,” although, in this case, it is a duck.

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