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Read here the column "The Wizard of OS" by Orlando Suárez

He had already left his mark in the Venezuelan television industry, when Hernán Pérez Belisario decided to close one cycle and open another. As a senior executive of RCTV, he was a key player in the so-called “cultural soap opera” and ideologue of the controversial “pact of the two channels” of 1983, which consolidated the monopoly of the Bárcenas television station and Venevisión.

The agreement established programming strategies to guarantee that both plants would earn the rating alternatively, equitably sharing the advertising pie. The crumbs of the three annual measurements were left for VTV and Channel 5.

The other notable point of the agreement contemplated the passage of six months before hiring a talent that had belonged to the other channel's payroll. The incorporation of Omnivisión and Televen into the fight, in 1988, finalized the pact.

Pérez Belisario also ended his work commitment at Quinta Crespo. And it was then that he had the idea of ​​founding an independent production company that would provide dramatic material to the major channels. To achieve success, he did not hesitate to surround himself with pure fourth bats: Enrique Cuzcó, José Ignacio Cabrujas and César Bolívar.

On July 7, 1989, Marte TV activities began in the Boleíta Norte studios. The first soap opera was “María María”, starring Alba Roversi and the Mexican Arturo Peniche. The scripts were developed by Mariana Luján (pseudonym of Cabrujas), Kiko Olivieri and José Simón Escalona. On January 8, 1990 was the premiere, by VV.

To promote his new company, the executive had a great idea: reunite one of the most successful leading couples of all time. He convinced his wife, the legendary Marina Baura, to break her voluntary retirement and return to soap operas alongside Raúl Amundaray. In addition, Cabrujas would write an original story that Bolívar would direct.

The diva said yes and led a choral group that was completed by: Amundaray, Eduardo Serrano, Astrid Carolina Herrera, Nohely Arteaga, Aroldo Betancourt, Astrid Grúber and Pedro Lander. Since October 10, 1990, the public supported the plot of “Empress".

In this way, Marte TV became a springboard for new talents and increased the presence of national productions on the small screen. During the 90s, it made itself felt, although the overwhelming success of “Por these streets”, between 1992 and 1994, prevented the success of any alternative. The emergence of economic problems led to the closure of the production company. “Cruz de Nadie” was the eleventh and last soap opera recorded in Boleíta. After seven years, a pleasantly memorable story ended. Mars TV

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