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A democratic agreement

Good morning. This is what you should read to stay up to date. This is how this long weekend starts.

An important milestone took place yesterday on the road to the July 28 election. Eight of the 10 candidates for the presidency, in addition to the rectors of the National Electoral Council, They signed an agreement to respect the results of that election. This is a democratic agreement that unfortunately was not signed by two of the candidates. Neither Edmundo González nor Enrique Márquez showed up at the scene.

President Nicolás Maduro did put his signature and highlighted that this act is an important step to prevent the electoral process from being used to generate violence in the country.

“Today we have taken a step forward to protect peace. I celebrate the signing of this document that is in perfect line with the Barbados document and the Caracas dialogue... Enough of sabotage against our country, of conspiracies, Venezuela wants peace of mind to continue its economic and social recovery to think about the future." .

Zulia with Maduro

Maduro left the CNE directly for Zulia, where he was received by the indigenous communities of La Guajira in San Rafael de El Moján and then reach Maracaibo.

He approved resources for road works and ordered important repairs to be carried out, such as the road between Maracaibo and Mara, the Paraguaipoa CDI, the Paraguaipoa aqueduct, among others. He delivered 100 transformers to improve the electrical service in Mara and ordered the Minister of Petroleum to look into solving the problems of gasoline distribution in the entity, just as he did in Barinas. Furthermore, he ordered the construction of a solar energy park in the Mara municipality, to increase electricity in Zulia.

Emblematic works

Maduro delivered in Maracaibo two large infrastructure works that were very important for the people of Zulia for all of Venezuela. First of all, The Zulia Children's Singer School Theater reopened, a space that was completely abandoned and had not functioned for many years. It turned out spectacular and the children debuted it yesterday. He also gave the building the National Gaita Foundation Zuliana Gaiteros de Corazón, a tremendous space to promote and care for both the art and the followers of Zulian music.

Both works were executed in record time by the Venezuela Bella Mission. This is how Maduro highlighted it:

“Three months and two days, record time, a miracle that can only be done if things are done with good will, with a little love and summoning the best wills, the best minds, the best professionals.”

The radio station Gaiterísima 94.7 FM was inaugurated at the headquarters of the National Gaita Zuliana Foundation and there Maduro did his radio program “Con Maduro de suddenly”. He announced the release of more than six thousand credits for entrepreneurs in the state of Zulia.

The asphalting started in Barinas

In Barinas they got to work after President Maduro ordered a plan to pave the roads and streets of the entity. Yesterday the Minister of Transportation, Ramón Velásquez, pointed out that nine teams were operating in Sabaneta alone. More than 5.000 tons of asphalt are being laid on the road from Barinas to Barinitas.

Election simulation

I inform you that the CNE published on its website the list of voting centers that will operate during the electoral simulation that will be held on June 30 as part of the presidential election schedule. In this link you can download the list in PDF.

Exchange rate

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that yesterday's exchange tables showed an average of 36,37 bolivars per dollar. Remember that this is the only rate valid for any transaction today.


Grab your umbrella

I leave you here weather conditions forecast in Venezuela for the next 24 hours, fresh from Inameh. The heart of the matter is that tropical wave number 11 is in the center of the country generating rain in several states. See the report here:

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