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Saint Joseph Gregory

President Nicolás Maduro gave tremendous news last night on his TV program: Pope Francis signed the canonization of José Gregorio Hernández last week. In other words, José Gregorio is already a saint. Venezuela already has its own saint, the Vatican has made official what has been a fact for Venezuelans for a long time. This will bring a lot of happiness to people, whether we are believers, practitioners or not, because José Gregorio is part of Venezuelan culture.

This was reported Ripe:

“Let's hope they make it official, because my good sources in the Vatican have informed me that Pope Francis signed the canonization of José Gregorio Hernández last week (…) It is a great gift for our national spirituality because José Gregorio belongs to all of us, José Gregorio touches our hearts and through him the power of God is manifested.”

This has not been officially reported by the Vatican, but the President, having first-hand information, decided to inform the country of this very important fact.

Resources for faith

On the other hand, Maduro signed a point of account with which approved almost six million euros for the Church and Temple Recovery Plan and the My Well-Equipped Church plan. These programs, run by Jacqueline Faria and the Venezuela Bella Mission, aim to fix all the religious temples in the country and provide the resources so they can function correctly.

He also signed a 50-year loan to give the parish an old INAVI building in Zulia where the Great San Juan de Dios Comprehensive Pastoral Center will be built.

In addition, he announced that a monument to Chinita will be built in the Ana María Campos Monumental Park, which will be the largest Marian monument in the country.

The Plant Evicted

It is news that the Government vacated the Hombres Nuevos Simón Bolívar Training Center, formerly known as the La Planta checkpoint. The 154 prisoners were relocated to different prisons in the country. Find out the details here:

Raise production

I'll leave you with a fact: the United States Energy Information Office put Venezuela as the sixth country in oil exports in the United States. In March we shipped 177.0000 barrels daily, 62% more than last year.

Exchange rate

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that the exchange tables on Friday showed an average of 36,53 bolivars per dollar. As yesterday was a bank holiday and there was no activity, remember that this is the only valid rate for any transaction today.


The Sheinbaum phenomenon

After Sunday's electoral victory, the new president of Mexico dedicated herself to responding to each of the messages that other presidents had been sent to him. This was Maduro's:

“I am grateful because, for the first time in 200 years of the Republic, I will become the first female president of Mexico. And, as I have said on other occasions, I do not arrive alone, we all arrive with our heroines who gave us our homeland, with our ancestors.”

another strike

Javier Milei has also been a phenomenon, but a negative one. With his neoliberal dogma, he has generated a forceful response from the different social sectors, especially the workers. Public employees have called for a 24-hour general strike to reject the Omnibus Law project that Milei wants parliament to approve to intensify the neoliberal adjustments whose components the people end up paying for.

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