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Break the digital fence

Good morning. This is the information panorama with which the last week of May dawns.

The first thing I'm going to tell you is that yesterday there was a digital political mobilization of Chavismo with the #NicoLike campaign that took over the main social media platforms since midday: Instagram, X, Facebook and TikTok. It was a digital guerrilla action to break the siege they have on the messages issued by President Nicolás Maduro, as he himself has denounced for several weeks. Maduro has said that “the dictatorship of the algorithms” of the main networks has reduced the reach of his publications.

Maduro commented this in a live broadcast on the TikTok network.

“The censorship is impressive, the banning that exists against Venezuela against the people and against the people's candidate, so today the alternative social movements, the youth, are all over the country, in all the territories.”

Academic scams

Yesterday it resonated a lot when the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences of the UCV issued a statement denouncing that there are people who are dedicated to offering the preparation of degree works in exchange for money, which constitutes an academic scam and even a crime. The document asks the university authorities to take action on the matter because many offers of this type on social networks usually include the UCV logo, which “constitutes a stain on our honorable institution.”

By happy trigger

What happened in the Santa Ana de Carapita neighborhood, in the Antímano parish of Caracas, went viral on networks. Four police officers were arrested for shooting at a group of teenagers who were doing motorcycle stunts. One received a bullet in the head and was seriously injured. The community reported the officials and the PNB authorities investigated and then handed over those involved to the CICPC.

Exchange rate

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that the exchange tables on Friday showed an average of 36,51 bolivars per dollar. Remember that this is the only rate valid for any transaction today.


Rafah: testimony of a genocide

Yesterday, horrific images of people in the middle of giant flames, corpses lying on the ground and a man carrying the decapitated body of a child went around the world. It is the result of a bombing by the Israeli Zionist army on a refugee camp in Gaza. Here is the video, I warn you that what you see is strong:

Every day there are more voices denouncing the genocide that the Zionist state is committing in Gaza before the useless and insensitive gaze of what they call the “international community.” This is what Foreign Minister Yván Gil commented:

murderous cynicism

This occurs after The International Court of Justice will order Israel on Friday to stop the offensive in the city of Rafah. Well, the reaction of the Zionist state was to intensify the attack on the city where one and a half million Palestinians take refuge. The murderers who govern that state with the endorsement of Western powers have shown international institutions that they can do whatever they want and cynically and brazenly defy any authority.

Israel attacks those who do not consent

The controversy between the governments of Spain and Israel grows every day. But things have reached unsuspected levels., since the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel published a video in X where he attacks Spain, ridiculing its name and accusing the country of being a collaborator of Hamas. All because Spain announced that starting tomorrow, May 28, it will formally recognize the Palestinian State. The Spanish foreign minister responded that no one is going to intimidate his country in its "firm decision to recognize the Palestinian state, nor will we engage in provocations."

Chile: arson

Do you remember the colossal fire that occurred in Chile in February? 137 people died and more than 16.000 were affected. Well, a police investigation determined that everything was provoked. A firefighter and a former brigade member are in prison for having lit fires in at least four places in the forest to start the fire. Here you can see a complete report from Chilean TV where they tell the whole story.

Datos ÚN

The time has come to review the results of last week's #DatosUN digital survey. Remember that we asked about the use of TikTok. We found that 36,4% of users invest 1 to 3 hours a day on the platform. Furthermore, 55,1% estimate that they spend more time on this social network than on any other. There is much more information about TikTok, I invite you to read the note with all the results in interactive graphics and tell me later by x what do you think about it.

President Nicolás Maduro highlighted the headline of our survey last night during a live broadcast, precisely on TikTok. Look it here:

apotheotic Karina

The eighties diva Karina gave a free concert on Saturday in Plaza Francia in Chacao and it is reported that around 40.000 people could have attended. Últimas Noticias It was there and you can read the review here. I also leave you a video of how things went:

Acuña misses the season

Last night the Atlanta Braves reported that Ronald Acuña Jr. will miss the rest of the 2024 season due to a complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament in the left knee. They are going to operate on him on a date that is not yet known. Tremendous loss.

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