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We reach one million barrels per day

We start with the good news that shows the firm recovery that Venezuela is registering in its economy, upon hearing from the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, that the Venezuelan oil industry has already reached the level of production of one million barrels newspapers.

This milestone highlights its importance if one takes into account that this level of production is achieved in the midst of a constant siege against the Venezuelan oil industry through the illegal and criminal sanctions of the United States.

“Venezuela, with its own efforts, is producing 1 million barrels of oil daily. And we are going to reach 3 million.”

Pilgrimage and mobilization

And as part of the actions in support of President Nicolás Maduro and in rejection of unilateral coercive measures, another day of mobilizations was added this Tuesday. On this occasion, at the reception of the national leader in La Guaira y Falcón where he went to deliver new works, Bolivarians and Merideños joined in, who took to the streets to sing songs and slogans in defense of the country and the Government.

En Ciudad Bolívar The Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, highlighted the importance of these mobilizations to contain the violent plans of sectors of opposition extremism that bet on violence.

"They want to play the scenario of chaos, violence because they know they are lost and from Bolívar we tell you, this country does not belong to surnames and on June 28 we will ratify President Nicolás Maduro."

Terrorism of opposition extremism

As President Maduro had warned, this Tuesday from the Angostura bridge, which connects the states of Anzoátegui and Bolívar, the executive vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, denounced that a terrorist plan who intended to collapse the aforementioned infrastructure through vandalism.

Rodríguez presented a series of graphs showing the cutting made by criminals from various groups who sought to weaken the entire structure. The incident left 2.400 hairs of wire damaged, touching 10% to 20% of the bridge's wire structure.

UN in presidential

Now entering into the electoral issue, the United Nations (UN) ratified the sending a mission of experts to accompany the Venezuelan presidential elections to be held on July 28.

The multilateral organization specified that four experts will travel to the country in early July to provide an independent internal report on the general development of the elections.

Exchange rate

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that the exchange tables showed an average of 36,36 bolivars per dollar. Remember that this is the only rate valid for any transaction today.

Kenyan forces in Haiti

Taking a look outside our borders, we find that the political and social crisis in Haiti seems to have a new escalation with the arrival of foreign troops to this country as part of the security plan sought to develop the National Transition Council installed after the resignation of the Haitian prime minister who had succeeded the assassinated president Jovenel Moïse.

According to the local press, this is a first contingent of 400 Kenyan police officers who will carry out combat work against the criminal gangs that control part of Haitian territory, with greater force in its capital Port-au-Prince.

Dina Boluarte to the ICC

Continuing with the impact news in the region, it was learned that human rights organizations requested this Tuesday that a investigation before the International Criminal Court (CPI) for the deaths of 49 people and for the 937 who were injured in Peru between December 2022 and February 2023, when they protested against President Dina Boluarte.

In addition to documenting the events, a product of the “violent repression” of the military and police, they criticized the Executive's denial, “blaming the protesters themselves for the violence that occurred against them, calling them terrorists.”

Trump a global danger

With just a few months left until the elections in the United States, the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, continues to be the subject of alerts among politicians, intellectuals and movements around the world. This time the warning was issued by a group of 16 Nobel-winning economists, who claim that a new administration of the magnate would increase inflation in the United States and cause lasting damage to the global economy.

“We believe that a second Trump term would have a negative impact on the United States' economic position in the world and a destabilizing effect on its domestic economy.”

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