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The threat of savage capitalism

We begin this week full of a long day marked by a strong start to the electoral campaign in which the candidate and president Nicolás Maduro has insisted on the need to be alert to the pretensions of fascism to resettle in Venezuela to apply the recipes of savage capitalism where privatization and repression are the Government's plan.

“The battered and old savage capitalism has the goal of privatizing health,” the national leader warned during the delivery of five Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI) and the same number of Comprehensive Rehabilitation Rooms (SRI), to the communities of Miranda fully equipped.

FANB strengthened

And during the joint graduation ceremony in the different Categories and transfer to Active Reserve of the Promotions of the year 1991, President Nicolás Maduro highlighted the strength of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces which he maintained is the backbone of the construction of a new State.

“Venezuela is within reach of showing the power of the Military Nation, the Military Power of Venezuela. Here is the power of the future. If you want peace, prepare to win it and guarantee it (peace), ”she stated.

Opposition extremism seeks paramilitaries

Meanwhile, as President Maduro had warned, this Saturday a Colombian paramilitary group revealed that He was contacted by leaders of Venezuelan opposition extremism in order to hire them to generate scenarios of violence and terrorism within the country in the middle of the electoral campaign.

The information was provided by the Conquering Self-Defense Forces of the Sierra, in a statement issued where they point out that the evidence of this complaint will be provided to the Venezuelan Government so that it can take legal action against these far-right leaders who continue to commit to violence.


I could not finish this review of the national news without mentioning the news of the trip made by candidate of opposition extremism in the Conviasa airline, the same one that its co-partisans and promoters asked the United States to sanction and that brought, as one of the many consequences, the theft and subsequent destruction of the Emtrasur plane.

His presence was rejected by the workers of this airline, a fact that did not cause the candidate any embarrassment, he was absent from reality, boarded the flight and arrived at his destination.

Exchange rate

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that the exchange tables showed an average of 36,51 bolivars per dollar. Remember that this is the only rate valid for any transaction today.

The left triumphed in France

The big surprise of this weekend was the triumph of the left-wing coalition New Popular Front in France in the second round of the legislative elections.

This electoral reversal of the French nation has meant a brake on the rise that the extreme right of this country had been registering, which had been the winner in the first round, but it also joins the victory obtained after 16 years by the Labor party in the United Kingdom.

These events could be translated as a punishment by European voters to the rulers who carried out an energy and economic break with Russia, causing severe crises in their countries, but who also maintain a pro-war discourse against the nation led by Vladimir Putin.

Biden collapses

And since this year is marked by the electoral issue in more than half of the world, another of the elections that attracts the world's attention are those that will be held in the United States where Joe Biden seems to have one foot outside given the loss of financiers such as consequence of his hasty appearances that show an inability to face an electoral campaign against Donald Trump.

And the growing rumors of pressure for a replacement are already a public fact after the recent statement by Walt Disney's heiress, the filmmaker and philanthropist Abigail Disney, who called on the Democratic Party to replace Joe Biden as a candidate and threatened to interrupt his financing if he did not do so.

“If Biden doesn't step back, the Democrats will lose. Of that I am absolutely sure. The consequences of that failure will clearly be serious,” she said.

Cuba alert

And this Saturday afternoon forces from the Ministry of the Interior (Minint) They dismantled a terrorist plan against Cuba, organized and financed from the United States.

As a consequence of the actions of the security and intelligence forces of the largest of the Antilles, citizen Ardenys García Álvarez was arrested, who illegally entered and brought firearms and ammunition into Cuba by sea, as well as other involved residents in the National territory.

This plan, which is similar to those promoted in recent years against Venezuela, adds to the long history of actions that seek, through violence, to subvert order within Latin American countries that are contrary to the interests of the United States Government.

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