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Justice for Orlando Figuera

Good morning. This is how the news panorama dawns this Wednesday. Come with me to review it and don't miss anything.

Yesterday in the National Assembly an agreement was approved that orders an investigation into the murder seven years ago of Orlando Figuera, the young man who was burned alive on May 20, 2017 in the Altamira neighborhood of Caracas after coming across a guarimba.

The proposal was made by Diosdado Cabello, who pointed out that the intellectual authors of this horrible crime are the líderIt is from the opposition that they pushed young people and children into the streets to carry out terrorist actions.

"He decided to continue and his physical features of being black, of having short, coiled hair, of being humble, was the trigger or the cause for those opposition sectors to surround him to attack him, spray him with fuel and then set him on fire."

For his part, Jorge Rodríguez demanded that the governments of the countries where Figuera's murderers are located comply with international laws and hand them over.

"There are numerous examples where we collaborate with other countries (...) we demand reciprocity in that sense (..) it is necessary that explanations be requested from those countries where these criminals could be being protected."

Deferred discussion of NGO Law

More things happened in yesterday's session of the National Assembly. The Law on Supervision, Regularization, Performance and Financing of Non-Governmental and Related Organizations (NGOs) began to be debated in the second discussion, but only nine articles were approved. The plenary agreed to defer the discussion to a future session. Find out the details here.

Solidarity with Iran

Parliament also approved a solidarity agreement with Iran following the tragic death of President Ebrahim Raisi. Pedro Infante made the proposal with these words:

“The National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela pays tribute and we want to send, on behalf of all the people of Venezuela, our most sincere words of solidarity and condolence for the mourning that today overcomes the Islamic Republic of Iran and all the Iranian people ”.

Manipulation and deception

It stood out yesterday in networks and media General Padrino López's response to the claims of a gringo institution called CSIS o Center for Strategic and International Studies that Venezuela supposedly applies a “strategy of coercion towards Guyana, using fear of an armed conflict as a bargaining chip.” CSIS is nothing less than one of the think tanks largest in the world, dedicated to generating ideological guidelines in politics, economics and geopolitics. Padrino put them in his place by questioning whether bringing health, education and services to the Esequiban population is the same as causing fear:

Bella Military University

And speaking of General Padrino, he participated yesterday in another very important event in Fuerte Tiuna with Jacqueline Faria, president of the Venezuela Bella Mission, to receive the completely rehabilitated headquarters of the Military Academy of Medicine. They fixed classrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, green areas, sports fields. Faria assured that all military academies will be attended to:

“The Military University could not be absent; We start with Medicine, we continue with the Army, National Guard, Aviation, Navy, all academies will be attended to.”

The renewed Butterfly

Another important infrastructure that is being renovated is the La Mariposa water treatment plant which supplies water to one and a half million people in the Altos Mirandinos and part of Caracas. Minister Rodolfo Marco Torres explained:

"The entire process of coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation and filtration that is being carried out will go from a mechanical system to a hydraulic system and with the comprehensive rehabilitation of the entire plant we will achieve four thousand 400 liters per second."

License with chip

The information provided by the president of the INTT, Gabriel Aguana, about the new driver's licenses that will begin to be distributed is very interesting. This card will have an embedded chip and will meet international standards, so the license will work here and in other countries. Read more details here:

Exchange rate

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that yesterday's exchange tables showed an average of 36,55 bolivars per dollar. Remember that this is the only rate valid for any transaction today.


Milei, the censor

It is news that Javier Milei stopped the operation of public media in its digital version. The official statement says that the reason is that there will be a reorganization process to improve production. This has been highly criticized in Argentina, Milei is extravagant with his speech about “freedom”, but at the same time he closes the media.

Continued massacre

The Zionist State of Israel has systematically attacked the city of Rafah, where thousands of displaced Palestinians are located. Yesterday it was reported that 85 people were killed in a single bombing. Such is the violence committed by Israel on Gaza that The UN reported that the food program will be suspended that serves Palestinians in Gaza. Abeer Etefa, spokesperson for the World Food Programme, warned that “humanitarian operations in Gaza are on the brink of collapse.”

The ways of the life…

Last night the sad news broke of the death at the age of 53 of Omar Geles, one of the most important vallenateros of the last three decades. Geles is the author of iconic songs like The ways of the life, popularized during his time in the group Los Diablitos. Here I leave it for you to remember.

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