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Solar energy for the Andes

Good morning. This is how this Friday's information panorama dawns.

President Maduro continues to tour the country and generate news wherever he goes. Yesterday he was in Mérida, he fulfilled his agenda in the capital and went to El Vigía. In both cities he met people in the streets. He even went to the Mukumbarí cable car and took one of its funiculars. He said it was the first time in his life that he visited this system, the highest in the world of its kind.

The most important news that Maduro generated yesterday was the announcement of a “megaplan” for electricity supply for the Andean states: Mérida, Táchira and Trujillo. He said that the thing will be done with solar energy with a project that involves technological participation from China, India and Türkiye. For this, solar energy parks will be built in Mérida.

“We have an ambitious plan to generate 3 thousand megawatts with solar energy and strengthen self-generation in the Venezuelan Andes, which is the place hardest hit, today, by the electrical war and sanctions.”

road work

Maduro ordered to repair the roads in Mérida, just as he did the day before in the Guárico state. This happens because the President, while touring the regions, realizes the failures and orders to resolve them once and for all. In this case, he ordered repairs to the Onia bridge, which connects Mérida with Táchira via trunk 001, and the Pan-American highway, which, according to Governor Jehyson Guzmán, needs 14.000 tons of asphalt to repair 70 kilometers.

Venezuela Bella gets into the ULA

Another very important announcement by President Maduro was related to the recovery plan of the University of Los Andes which he ordered to activate immediately.

“Activate a presidential plan for the recovery of ULA-Mérida, of all the heritage facilities of the University of Los Andes; I have the money, I have the resources, the Venezuela Bella Mission fully reaches the ULA.”

I activate 1x10x7

Maduro emphasized during his speech to the crowd in Mérida on the need to fully comply with the 1x10x7 system to guarantee the victory of the Revolution and, with it, the peace of the country.

“For peace to triumph we need a perfect and overwhelming victory. “We need a knockout victory against the patarucos.”

For its part, Diosdado Cabello specified that the registration of 1x10x7 starts today and that all members of the PSUV and the parties that make up the Gran Polo Patriotico, as well as the social movements, will be able to access the system to register. He said that tomorrow at 11:0 am there will be a press conference to announce the start

Jorge Rodríguez was in the Delta Amacuro state, where he led a day of checking the 1x10x7 and highlighted the cynicism of the opposition that comes to ask for votes when they are the same ones that offered to hand over Essequibo.

“They themselves, shamelessly, are so barbaric that they come to ask for your vote. We will never allow Venezuelan territory to be stolen and handed over to the gringos. We are not masochists or idiots, he declared. Are you going to vote for those patarucos or for our gallo pinto?”

Renault is back


Speaking of something else, it is news that the French car brand Renault reopened in Venezuela with eight dealerships after 10 years of absence. They reported that they plan to sell about 400 vehicles this year, bringing them from Colombia. This is an effect of the reopening of the border and the reactivation of exchange between both countries.

Exchange rate

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that yesterday's exchange tables showed an average of 36,42 bolivars per dollar. Remember that this is the only rate valid for any transaction today.


Gringo oil will fall

As I'm sure you know, because you are a very well-informed person, the United States is one of the largest oil producers in the world. Well, the fact is that the analyzes of investors in that country They predict that by 2025, US production will fall by at least one million barrels per day. This is due to the decline in the productivity of active wells and it is not seen that investment is being made in the establishment of new extraction platforms. This is important information when projecting economic scenarios for the immediate future.

Gaza: die of hunger

The murderous State of Israel, as I have commented before here, not only kills with bullets and bombs but also develops a perverse strategy to starve the Palestinian population in Gaza. Not that I said it, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Martin Griffiths said that more than a million displaced Palestinians are at risk of starvation this year.

“Intense fighting, unacceptable restrictions and scarce funding are preventing humanitarian workers from delivering food, water, seeds, healthcare and other life-saving assistance on a scale close to that needed to prevent mass famine.”

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