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Chavismo mobilized throughout the country

Good morning. Join me as we review the most important news of the weekend.

The amount of political mobilizations that the forces of Chavismo are carrying out throughout the country in support of President Nicolás Maduro, to reject the sanctions and show muscle with their sights set on the presidential election on July 28, is impressive.

What are they doing? In principle, two things: first, they carry out check-ups on the 1x10x7 machines to ensure a gigantic and effective electoral rollout. Then they take to the streets in tremendous marches that fill blocks and blocks in all cases.

For example, you can read the reports from our correspondents and see how things were in Monagas, Nueva Esparta, Cojedes, Táchira, Lara, Delta amacuro, Yaracuy Sugar y Bolívar.

I will make special mention of Barinas, who on Friday held a really big march with more than 20.000 people gathered from just the state capital. Watch the video he posted Jacqueline faria:


People understand each other by talking, as they say. Yesterday President Nicolás Maduro received three opposition mayors from municipalities in the state of Barinas in Miraflores. There were: the mayor of the Ezequiel Zamora municipality, Nelson García Mora, member of the Compromiso País party (COMPA); that of the Pedraza municipality, Frenchy Díaz Rodríguez; and that of Bishops, José Adrián Azuaje Cordero, both from the MUD.

They talked about the needs of their municipalities and Maduro agreed to give them all the support to solve infrastructure problems. By the way, allow me a comment: given this scene, very positive of course, I ask myself a question, where is the governor of that state, the opposition Sergio Garrido? It seems that it doesn't matter if these mayors, even though they are opponents, prefer to talk to Maduro rather than him.

The faith of the people


I'll also tell you what the President did on Saturday. He received a group of evangelical pastors in Miraflores to make a prayer within the framework of something called “Christian Act of National Repentance and Enthronement of Jesus Christ.”

“I tell all our people, of different beliefs, faiths, religions (…) I see in the people an increasingly deeper faith; I see it in people who love, believe and see beyond, because love and faith make you see beyond.”

Don't get involved in what doesn't matter to you

Here you can see how Chancellor Yván Gil he responded in X to the mention they made of Venezuela in the G7 summit communiqué, that is, of the rich countries that seek to colonially dominate the world.

The leaders of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Canada, as well as the head of the European Council, met in Italy this weekend and, among the points of their joint statement, they referred to Venezuela, criticizing the elections and the political situation. Gil told them directly that they are ridiculous and that they do not go where no one calls them.

100% digital accounts

Surely you will find, like me, very interesting the news that Sudeban authorized and published the rules for banks to offer 100% digital bank accounts, in addition to other electronic services. The novelty is that the possibility of opening an account is established without actually having to go to the bank office, since until now you could do a “pre-opening” online, but you always had to go with your folder under your arm afterwards to an office to finish opening the account. Find out the details here.

Let's go for the million barrels

Another very good news is the announcement made by the Minister of Petroleum, Pedro Tellechea, that “in the next few days” PDVSA will reach a production level of one million barrels per day.

"We can officially say that we are above 950.000 barrels... In the next few days we will be reaching one million barrels, a joy for Venezuela."

This is a record that has not been achieved since 2019, when the gringos settled with the sanctions on Venezuela.

Tragedy in Altamira

The horrible car crash that occurred on Saturday night on Luis Roche Avenue in Altamira, in Caracas, was a trending topic on social networks. As reported by Gustavo Duque, mayor of Chacao, an 18-year-old man who was driving like crazy ran the red light and took away a man who was crossing the street and another who was on a motorcycle. Here is the video:

Exchange rate

The Central Bank of Venezuela reported that the exchange tables on Friday showed an average of 36,41 bolivars per dollar. Remember that this is the only valid rate for any transaction today and tomorrow too, because today is a bank holiday and there will be no activity.


Europe sees the face of fascism (again)

As an international note I am going to leave you this work that came out Yesterday in Últimas Noticias in the weekly “World Scanner” section. This is an analysis of the electoral rise of the far right in Europe after the last European Parliament elections. Is fascism coming again like 100 years ago? Or is it not that big a deal? The alert is there and in France things are very tense because there these results threaten to translate into a victory for the National Rally, Marine Le Pen's party. In fact, On Saturday there was a march in Paris against the extreme right.

بە گوێرەی ڕاپرسییەک لە هەڵبژاردنەکانی فەڕەنسا ڕاستڕەوەکان لە پێشە وەن

Colombia: political violence

Yesterday the vice president of Colombia, Francia Márquez, reported that her father suffered an attack on the Suárez-Cali highway, in Valle del Cauca. Although the man and his companion were unharmed, she is concerned about the attack against the family of the vice president, who is a social and political activist from that region. Vice President Delcy Rodríguez expressed solidarity with Márquez and condemned the act that he described as cowardly.

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